The Khaki Campbell and Welsh Harlequins quackers are growing up so fast!!!  Three weeks just flew by since these fluff balls arrive in the mail and they are already sprouted wee feathers.

It warmed up for a few days and they got to enjoy their first water!

As with all our baby batches we like to ween them off the artificial light after two weeks.  In spring, summer it’s easy because the weather is much warmer but raising a batch so late in the season poised some challenges.

We’ve moved the baby quackers from the brooder box to the pullet pen outfitted with a heat lamp (during the day because it’s been so gray and gloomy) and to keep the heat in covered the pen in plastic shower curtain.  Works great, it’s like a mini greenhouse.

At night we bring them in to sleep in the bath tub; however the challenge is with it being chilly is to keep them warm without light.  (Sorry folks, but it aint natural for chicks to be raised with light 24 hours!)  and searching the internet came across a really neat product from the UK!  Called Eco Glow, instead of artificial light it keeps the chicks warm with heat.

More about Eco Glow … coming up in another post!

Bloody brilliant and I think our UK heritage  duck breeds agree. QUACK!


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, I think ducks are the most entertaining bird on a homestead. I just bet there will be more duck eggs in the future. It’s really too cold for baby fowl here in Nebraska. All of the new life begins in the spring time here. I hope all turns out well with them.

    Have a great duckling day at the homestead.

  2. cara says:

    I agree that it is NOT natural for them to have 24 /7 light. And it seems like it might be stressful. They probably can not get as good a sleep. In nature they would be under mama hen in the dark and her warmth at night. I like the idea of the Eco Glow for night time use. I have used a place next to or under the woodstove but that is only practical for a short while as chicks grow so fast.

  3. dalec says:

    My wife and i have hatched and raised ducks and chickens, for four yrs now, even sold a few from time to time, to tell you the truth, we love our ducks the most. They are cute from start to finish. We have trained all the ducks, chickens, and geese to eat out of our hands. I find it to be very relaxing and the most enjoyable part of our day. Its fun to get the ducks from the store or by mail , and watch the grow. But to watch them make a nest, lay eggs, and watch and wait for the eggs to hatch, is the most amazing thing i have ever done. To be able to tell and show your children the circle of life is the greatest gift i could give them

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