I know there are many great news, link resources sites and blogs and we definitely can’t compete with their content. I will try to share with your links and articles that have caught our attention this morning since I am too busy to write about what’s happening here on the urban homestead.

News clips:

Bio-diesel car rental opens in world’s car capital – A company offering rental cars powered entirely by bio-diesel set up shop in Los Angeles on Tuesday, hoping to bring the aroma of popcorn and doughnuts to the city’s smoggy freeways.

Web wanderings:

I love to go a wandering on the internet superhighway… valderee, valderah. Here’s a few more site sightings.

Sunny Cooker – Simple, homemade solar oven plans
Solar Cooker Day in India – Photo gallery of one families sun cooking day (great model for apartment dwellers who have flat roofing)

Oil In Our Food (that ain’t canola, or olive) –Prior to the beginning of my workshop, a gasoline can on a table up front drew a number of puzzled inquiries. And it’s true: when we sit down to eat, we don’t place a pitcher of gasoline next to the orange juice and raisin bran.

The fact, though, is that fossil fuels play a major — if hidden — role in the story of our food.

To produce a two-pound box of breakfast cereal, for example, it takes about the equivalent of two quarts of gasoline.

Then we have to get that cereal to us, meaning more energy used in transportation. One oft-cited statistic is that to transport one calorie of iceberg lettuce from Los Angeles to London, it takes 127 calories in aviation fuel.

Certainly a post worth reading this morning from Simply In Season BlogWow, it’s almost that time of the month to place our co-op order again. Having already ordered a bunch of bulk items already, our order this month will be quite small but before ordering I like to read the editorial pieces that appears each month on the site. Thismonth’s piece talks about how to relax.

The difficult times our Forefathers had were more “earthy” than the modern day concerns of life that get us “up tight” and “on the stretch” day in and day out. After all, they didn’t have to deal with computer problems, spam, identity theft, and (you fill in the blank)__________. So, what is a body supposed to do to cope with modern day vicissitudes of life? continue reading >>

Gardening and other such hobbies/crafts, like knitting, are a form of relaxation (well, that is until you get a gigantic knot in your ball of yard and you are cursing whoever said that knitting is a relaxing hobby), but a good stretch is definitely needed once and while.   So readers, get off your chair, take a deep breathe and stretch… feeling better?

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  1. Peggy says:

    The article mentions the positive effects of playing a wind instrument. I started to learn a wind orchestral instrument within the past six years. The one surprise that I found was the sense of well being after a “good” practice. I concur with the author! I also paint (focusing on portraits of the DG and GC,) knit, spin and sew. I love doing these things, but it is not the same as playing and learning music.