The summer was hopping here at the homestead.

There were lots of activities, events, and visitors (including the West Ladies from TN).  The summer finale was a Bollywood event that included food, dance, and bangles. (What is Bollywood?)

Thanks to friends who volunteered their time and dug about in their closets and homes for their treasure trove of Indian decor, turning  the homestead into Hyderbad for the evening. Jordanne did an awesome job and decorating.  She certainly has the gift!

We wanted to show off our favorite Bwood dance numbers.  We put up our big projector with showcased  our favorite dance routines from Bollywood. Sis and I pulled out “Indian” outfits, put on our bangles and attended  barefoot (so, what’s new about that?)  and danced to the great Indian beat and rhythms.  What a good workout!

I want to  thank Sangita who graciously donated her time to give the participants a few dance lessons and to educate us about the history of Bollywood.  She brings a great energy to the dance floor.  Check out her website if you have the time.

Happy to say the event (and food spread) was a hit and I can’t tell you how many have been inquiring whether we’ll host another one.  Well, if y’all insist.


  1. Louise says:

    Hi guys,

    Just found your website via a FB post and wanted to say how inspiring you all are. Hubby and I are waiting patiently to secure our little space to begin our off grid journey very soon in France…was particularly stoked to see the Bollywood night and mention of Hyderabad as I lived in India for 7 years (Hyderabad and Auroville, nr Pondicherry) and feel drawn still by the soul 😀

    Love & light

  2. mia says:

    Looks like it was fun!

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