Blackberry Jam


We are blessed to have an abundance of blackberries this year.    I confess, I am hoarding them (sorry, farmbox subscribers!) to make preserves.

I love making preserves and a few years back I kicked the box habit  — using any store bought (boxed) pectin for my jam making.   Yes, I know, it may come to a surprise to most folks, but you CAN successfully make jam without the use of store bought pectin.   Hoping to write a post about pectin-less jam so stay tuned.   What I can say is that preserves sans the box pectin is far superior in flavor and consistency – much like grandma used to make!



[yumprint-recipe id=’8′] 


  1. Diane Thomas says:

    Ili e gardening andits a challenge up in the desert. Tomatoes don’t do well.

  2. Eugene says:

    This looks so delicious !!!! Awful recipe .My kids love this more than other fruits.

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