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Green Trends > 2007 Earth Day Festival at Memorial Park in Pasadena, California (Video)

by Gary Isse ~ Published: 2007-04-21Here’s a short video of the 2007 Earth Day festival at Memorial Park in Pasadena, California. A few things missing from this video are the Phoenix Electric Vehicle, the Kiddie Protest and the clip with the Path To Freedom House people. I didn’t include those since I have separate videos for those already on YouTube. Check ’em out! {more}

and here’s the clip from our PTF booth featuring Jordanne & Anais
[thanks for dropping by Gary!]


Longtime reader, S.B.contributes $20.00 and writes:

“I continue to be impressed by your hard work and your website. (hard to believe that I’ve been reading it for _years_ now…) Good luck with the hot summer. “S.B.

Thanks to you and all who contributed. A new journal is in the works, also plans for a better photo gallery, more video shorts, and much much more.


Urban farms empower Africa [CSMonitor]

Aid providers in Congo and elsewhere are discovering that lessons in farming can succeed where food handouts have not.
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If it’s Yellow… [TreeHugger]

“Water use is clearly an important issue but the Mayor is being a tad alarmist with his request that Londoners do not flush the toilet unless it is absolutely necessary. If the issue of water usage is so great that we have to consider such unappealing solutions then why has the Mayor waited so long to act.”
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[This water saving method, know as the “mellow yellow rule” our family has been practicing practically all our lives.]
Asia’s high-rise gardeners unearth key to cooler cities [Yahoo]

Asia’s apartment gardeners are taking a small, but important, step in the right direction, he said. “If you look at it as one individual unit doing that, it may not be that significant. But if everybody is doing it, there may be a very big impact.”
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Apocalypse Of The Honeybees [SFGate]

Have you not heard? Have you not read of the dire honeybee apocalypse and what it might mean for the majority of the delectable food crops in America, how we might soon face a very serious food crisis and might be eating little more than bread and pine cones in the near future, thus inducing widespread panic as we engage in violent bloody wars not for oil or land or God but over asparagus and avocados and those incredible Buddha’s Hand fruits they use to infuse Hangar One Citron? It’s true. It’s all because of the honeybees, those minuscule, absolutely essential, beautifully pollinating creatures that play such a vital role in our food supply, help nearly all flowering crops grow and therefore provide a simply enormous portion of the global diet including all citrus and many vegetables but excluding that goopy liquefied toxic meat crap they inject into McNuggets, these incredibly designed workhorse creatures that also make the world’s sweetest stickiest natural substance next to Jessica Alba and maybe Shiva’s own bubble bath, these lovely honeybees might, just might be a sign of our ultimate downfall.
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Home Cookin’– Buying local to save the planet [MSN]

“Eating is one area where consumer choice really does have a particularly powerful effect,” says MacKinnon. “As we saw with organics, a group of consumers making different choices is able to really drive revolutionary change throughout the food system.”
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Global Warming to Change Day’s Length [LiveScience]

In the next two centuries, global warming could cause the days to grow slightly shorter on Earth, a new study finds. Another effect of warming, however, might actually lengthen the day.
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On a more local news front. Normally the fire season is somewhere around July to October and the fire situation worsens by the week.
Fire threatens city on Catalina Island off Calif [MSNBC]

Evacuations under way for Santa Catalina Island, parched by lack of rainAVALON, Calif. – Firefighters struggled early Friday to prevent a wildfire from reaching homes on the edge of Santa Catalina Island’s main city as residents and visitors fled the resort isle off the Southern California coast.
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  1. Jeff says:

    Groovy Green is reporting that CCD is only hitting bee colonies that are treated with chemicals and artificial additives. Organic bee colonies seem to be doing just fine.