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The Little Peepers and How They Grow

After a week the chickens are doing well – growing like crazy! Already they are sprouting feathers, learning to balance themselves on perches, taking mock dust baths. Who needs TV or cable when you have 40 little chickens to watch – they are such amusing entertainment. To get the chickens off to a good start, we put a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the water and some powered probiotics enzymes. For feed, organic starter meal.  Some days we’ll make a warm mash with the starter meal adding a few other ingredients like organic cornmeal, bruised strawberries from the garden, honey and cod liver oil. Should make these chickies grow up healthy and strong.

The chicken that we hatched over three weeks ago is settling in nicely amongst his/her kind. Of course, he’s looking a little more gawky than the others with feathers sprouted every which way.

Grow the Future

Fellow travelers contribute – BW $10.00, JK $30.00 & DF $50.00 who wrote:
“Reading about your efforts is inspiring and a great part of my day!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!”

Thank you for making it possible to us to continue to share our journey and offer inspiration to fellow travelers around the world. PTF can’t say enough how extremely grateful we are to those who’vecontributed or supported us through purchases from the Peddler’s Wagon 

Think Different

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this after being tagged…
Thank you to fellow traveler,Simple Katie for nominating us (and a few other of our fave bloggers) for the Think Different Award – we are honored to be in among such great company. Simple Katie stated:

The Dervaes family urban homesteading journey is simply amazing. Their thoughts on simple living, urban homesteading, and life in general make me look at my own life often and how I too can make a difference no matter how big or small my “homestead” may be.


Sun Baked and Stewed [House & Garden]

They Haven’t Reached the Mainstream Yet, But Solar Cookers Are Attracting Attention for Producing Intensely Flavored Food Without Match or Plug
…”I love to cook, and when I first tried cooking in a solar oven, I found that the tastes coming out of it were extraordinary,” says Bill Potts, a volunteer at the Solar Oven Society, a Minneapolis-based group that sells a solar box cooker in the United States called the Sport, which is similar in design to the Sun Oven. (U.S. sales are used to offset the cost of distributing the Sport to individuals in Haiti, Africa, and other parts of the third world.
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Cook For Free This Summer!
The article concludes with a list of solar oven resources:
For versatility, we are partial to box cookers like the Sun Oven and the Sport. Unlike the parabolic cookers, box ovens can be used to bake as well as stew and steam.”
Buy aSport Sun Oven at PTF’s online store for only $173 (including S&H)
We also are looking at carrying another one of their fave sun oven’s called the “HotPot”… stay tuned!
Helping Others
Don’t forget that 10&% of all sales from thePeddler’s Wagon go toward helping other’s in the third world, one such project that we support is sending sun ovens to theDarfur refugees.