Going for a walk

The Heat is On

The last few days we’ve reached near or above triple digits.   Thankfully, there’s a bit of relief today — the fog! Meteorologists are saying things will start to cool down midweek.

The scorching temps mean that the solar shower and solar oven have been put to good use these days.   So far this week no one’s used the tub at all.  The fig, avocado and bananas that are growing around the solar shower are happy with that.   The sun oven certainly comes in handy to cook food without having to use non sustainable heating sources and also keeps the kitchen cool.   You can cook practically anything that you would normally cook in a stove in a sun oven. Of course, it takes longer, but the food never burns or dries out (well, that is, unless you are sun drying vegetables)

Early Sunday morning we took the goats on a walk in the beautifulArroyo Seco near our home (we are so lucky to have this open space so close by — less than 5 minutes driving time). The goats were thrilled and walked well on a leash.   By the end of the 4 or 5 mile trip the goats were getting a bit tired, but thoroughly enjoyed their walk. Arriving home, after eating some hay, they immediately went to sleep.

In the Garden

The bush beans are loaded with these tender treats. Tomatoes have grown over a foot due to the last few days of hot temps. Blackberries, strawberries are still pouring in.   Basil, cilantro, parsley and other herbs are a welcome addition to our meals.
There’s a zillion (well not quite) things to do today – emails to answer, website work, gardening and other “homesteading” activities. So am keeping the post today short & sweet.   


Toxic Sky

It’s a quiet mountain community, but some residents claim something’s happening in the sky that’s making them sick –Mystery clouds and unusual contrails … Is it a weather experiment on a massive scale?In a Channel 4 News investigation, Paul Moyer looks into why some say the government is manipulating the weather..
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{ It’s not just the local mountain community. In the last five years, we have been noticing those trails in the sky above the Southland. Some days the blue skies are covered in these puffy trails that never seem to dissipate. It can’t possibly be an increase in air traffic in the skies to produce such an effect. We always wonder what effects these unnatural clouds are having on our health }   More videos aboutchemtrails 

Chocolate Generates Power {thanks Jennifer for the link}

“Willy Wonka could have powered his Great Glass Elevator on hydrogen produced from his chocolate factory.”
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