Q. I live in Long Beach, and I have 2 diesel cars. I desperately want to convert to bio-diesel, but I am not sure what the best way is to go. I was told that you all have bio-diesel, so I thought I would ask. Is getting a processing machine best, or are there local supplies available for purchase? I would appreciate any information that you may have about this.
Thank you so much.

A. To answer your questions about biodiesel:

There (now) are a few outlets in So Cal (hopefully there will be more soon as
the demand grows)

IFUEL ITL INC, Cudahy – 909.277.3160
GREEN DEPOT, Santa Monica – 310.962.0488 (home delivery)
PLAVAN PETROLEUM, Escondido – 760.801.0190
I.I. FUELS, Huntington Beach – 714.552.3154
VENTURA HARBOR MARINE FUEL INC, Ventura – 805.644.4046

For a complete list visit:

There are many homebrewers like ourselves but they/we don’t have the
necessary licenses to sell biodiesel.

We usually host biodiesel workshops in summer. If you like I can add you to
our email list that will notify you monthly of our scheduled events.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already check out our “old site” which has a
page on biodiesel at By the end of the
month we should have a much lager expanded section about making biodiesel (stay tuned!).

Also there’s also a 2 min video segment that KCBS 2 did on our homebrew
biodiesel process called “Biodiesel Running”, this can be found at

You can also download an “Introduction to Biodiesel” at

If you are interested in brewing your own here’s some great online resources
to get you started.

A great place to start to learn more about brewing your own biodiesel is or our site at I would
recommend purchasing Berkley’s biodiesel advocate Maria Alovert
“Biodiesel Homebrew Book.” This “biodiesel bible” is the one we used to
learn how to safely brew biodiesel using a water heater processor. The best
thing to do is start with making blender batches and that process is also
detailed on her site.

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