Mark lecturing, waiting for the “hands-on” to begin
PTF was inundated yesterday with nearly 50 participants wanting to learn how to brew their own fuel.

We had a people from all over–Barstow, Long Beach, the Wright Ranch

The experience was best describe by one participant who wrote:

It was a great experience and Mark flooded us with tons of greatinformation. She walked us through the process of home brewing and de-mystified subjects like transesterification, titration and biodiesel washing. At the end of the workshop we practiced what is probably the most technically intimidating part of biodiesel home-brewing for a newbie: titration. After generating the data we needed to proceed via titration, we made our own mini batch of biodiesel. The availability of a seasoned mentor helped to greatly reduce the fear factor and I found entire experience great fun. ~ Aaron ~(See Aaron’s great “ring side” photos of the biodiesel workshop)

Titration time: Mark explaining titration to one groupThanks to those who showed up on such a hot day and brought food to share with other participants.

And special thanks to Mark who made a rare So Cal appearance, along with her “appleseed processor.” We truly enjoyed her enthusiasm and passion for homebrewing.  A side note on the appleseed processor: after traveling with her across the country, the processor leaves for Africa today.  One of the participants from Nigeria purchased the processor and will be shipping it back to his country.  So the appleseed processor continues to spread the homebrew seed throughout the world.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Something about the processor going to Africa makes me feel good…You guys rock for sharing this info. If only I weren’t in Texas….

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Mimi

    I thought that the story to the appleseed processor was so cool that I had to share it with our readers.

    We told the guy who bought it to send photos of it when it gets to his village. If and when we get them, I’ll definitely post them.