Here’s a clip from Japanese NTV about biodiesel — file is in Windows Media Format (9.46 MB) Unfortunately the segment is entirely in Japanese so we haven’t any idea what’s being said.

In the segment you can listen to brief interview (in English) with Jules, see a snippet of our homebrew biodiesel operation (modeled after Girl Mark’s diy plans) along with a clip of Josh Tickell (of Veggie Van fame). FYI at the end of the segment the correspondent’s holding (and smelling) a glass of our homebrew biodiesel. 😉

Once again I must reiterate that just because our car runs on alternative fuel sources doesn’t mean we can use the car more than before. It’s still a matter of discipline & reduction. Substituting biodiesel doesn’t give us the license to use more fuel, this veggie fuel is not the solution ,only a temporary “band aid” source.

There’s a controversy brewing on the biodiesel front:

Josh Tickell vs Maria Alovert – Maxim Online

In the blue corner: Josh Tickell, has been featured in these pages before. He’s a skinny, blond, motor-mouthed Louisianan who moved himself to L.A. in an RV painted with sunflowers and butterflies—and powered by biodiesel, an alternative fuel source made primarily of vegetable oil that can be poured directly into diesel engines after it’s mixed with methanol and lye to separate out the glycerol, which isn’t good for engines. Biodiesel is based on materials grown, not mined, making it, in theory, sustainable, and thus, Tickell will gladly tell you, one step toward energy independence, clean air, and a shiny, happy planet free of wars for oil.

The trouble is, biodiesel isn’t available at the local filling station. If you want to scarf down some French fries and then drive your car home on the grease that made them crispy, you’ve gotta make it yourself.

In the red corner: Maria Alovert has not been written about here before, but we must be one of the few sites on the web to have forgotten to mention her. Alovert is also on a mission to promote bio-diesel, but she does it in a very different way to Josh Tickell, and that’s the cause of the problem.

…. Tickell has his fancy Web site (, set up in part to help him raise funds for a documentary he hopes to debut one day at Sundance.

That’s the sort of self-promotion that upsets Maria Alovert, a Berkeley activist who goes by the Internet name Girl Mark, and is the Web’s foremost proponent of what she calls “home brewing.” She believes ickell stole many of his ideas from a 1994 film called Fat of the Land, which dealt, in part, with biodiesel. And while Tickell has allied himself with the FuelMeister and companies seeking large-scale commercialization (“I want to see biodiesel at every gas station,” he says), Alovert prefers sharing her secrets
by converting new users over the Internet and plotting to grow the movement, um,
organically. “I consider it open source,” she says, “just like the way the Linux
crowd spreads the software coding, letting anyone take it and make
improvements.” She’s happy to share recipes, blueprints, and anything else that
helps a junkie get started on the grease.

Another area where the two activists differ is the price of their mini-refineries. Alovert’s homemade biodiesel kit uses an old water heater as the main component and costs about $200 to build from scratch. She doesn’t make any money off of it.

Alovert and Tickell have become bitter rivals. He dismisses her as a “radical” resisting progress, while she writes him off as a publicity whore doing injustice to the cause

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  1. Lisa Wood says:

    I applaud the grassroots efforts to brew the bio-diesel. Amazingly, here in Ann Arbor, MI we can purchase B20 at the local Meijers gas stations (Meijers is one of those mass distributors, like the Wal-mart). Not sure if this is an option elsewhere. Thanks for the inspiration and information.

  2. gerry medland says:

    Hi Gang,
    Yet another explosive and thought provoking post!I am interested in producing my own heating/lighting fuel this year,so am highly drawn toward biodiesel!Once again I feel the watchword is ACT!Whilst the western world is held in the grip of fear(False evidence appearing real)PTF leads the way in inventive technique!I applaud you all!That’s the way to brew it!