Sunday we spent a wonderful afternoon with great folks from the community kicking off the start of NELA’s Biker Summer Every type of bike imaginable was on parade at the park.  

We brought along our pedal powered grain mill to show what other functions bikes could be used for.  One innovative guy had his bike attached to a turntable and was playing music!   There are so many practical uses for bikes – pedal power produce, bike soap, bike blender, pedal powered internet,bike washer and more!  

Special thanks to Jennifer and Jeffery for inviting us to participate.

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  1. mairi says:

    Hi all! The site is really shaping up nicely! I have been enjoying the photo gallery. The main drawback is how long the pictures take to load, but that is probablymostly the fault of my local outdated landline! But on another page where you talk about ripping out the concrete in the back yard, you mention it will take a lot of additives to build up the level of the soil for your raised beds. You might think instead of having ‘sunken’ beds. 😉 I double dig most beds only once, taking 1 or 2 buckets of soil from the bottom of each trench. Most of that goes onto the pathways to build them up. Raising the paths and sinking the beds means more water stays in the soil. also it means that most of the beds have ‘lips’ so I can gravity feed waste or well water onto them, and it doesn’t run off like ‘raised’ beds do. anyway, keep up the great work, hugs, mairi

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Mairi!

    So nice hearing from you. Hope all is well at your homestead? I know, sorry about that. We do have quite a lot of images. 😉

    Yes, we’ve considered doing sunked beds (great idea!). Didn’t many native American cultures use that form of farming method? We are going to still need soil to fill in the sunken beds because we don’t want to use the existing soil since the previous owner used the backyard as a dumping ground. Who knows what could be in the soil — oil, etc.

    Sunken beds are ideal for gardeners in dry climates.

    Happy Gardening!