BEST BUDS: Marley & "Me"

Remember the dog that showed up one Sunday morning whilst the guys were working in the yard?    He’s certainly made home for himself here at the homestead – loved by all!   In the past year we’ve had 3 dogs and bunny dropped off.   Just the other week, I was woken up at 3 am by piercing cries.  I sat up in bed and immediately knew it was a kitten.  Woke Jordanne up and ran outside to see if we could find it.

After a little more than a year our other two rescued cats (one, Cassidy, is 13 and the other, Spanky,  8 yo) haven’t really warmed up to Marley.    In fact, just a few months ago we were thinking we should get a kitten for Marley.   “Ask and you shall receive!”

This kitten and Marley are BFF.   Haven’t quite settled on a name.  There are a few in the running.  One on the consideration list is “Ziggy.”


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