A tisket, a tasket

Berry’s in a basket

I wasn’t at the urban homestead most of the day today (had to work at the English Tea Shop) but it looks like ‘Berry’ was up to her antics once again.

This time ‘Blackberry is in a basket.’




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  1. Florence says:

    What a sweetie!! I’m always amazed at the indivdual personalities of animal. Florence

  2. craig junkins says:

    Hey again!,
    Don’t want to take much of your time here, I know you’ve got a lot to do. But, I got to thinking over the weekend about the Women’s Land Army that you talked about a few days ago. That was a very interesting part of history I didn’t know about. Today, it seems we have a new kind of battle to fight. One that you guys are at the frontlines of. How about the new Citizen’s Land Army.
    I don’t know if that really fits, it may sound too “military”, but if not…I consider myself a proud voluntary member!!
    Anyway,….I was just thinking.
    Keep up the great work!!

  3. Anais says:


    Blackberry is definitely a cutie pie and she knows it too! Everytime we take her out walking she expects folks to pay attention to her. And if they don’t she stares at them as if to say “what’s up with you? I’m darn soo cute!”


  4. Anais says:

    Hello Craig

    It is indeed quite a fascinating part of history. A similar revival is now taking place. It would be fun remake some of those old posters — add a modern element to them.

    Great term. Very fitting. Though some folks would agree that “Army” has sort of a military tone one has to realize that we in a battle of sorts. A battle of our and earth’s survival and this battle only can be won if folks unite and fight against the powers that are pulling us in the wrong and dangerous direction. Land soliders not armed with guns, but trowels, seeds, shovels, skills and knowledge to take back control over our food system.

    Great comment BTW. I think you are really going to like the new Victory Garden 100 ft diet website it’s a “CALL TO ARMS” rallying folks to GROW FOR VICTORY!


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