And rural and backyard farmers everywhere are crossing their fingers for good weather until fruit set.

While we were wondering, once again, where in the blazes did winter run off to,  we were blessed with another decent rain storm last week. But, as it blew out, the winds picked up and I was hoping it wasn’t taking most of the pretty blossoms with it.

I am afraid we have some bad news; we caught it, doggonnit.  Yesiree, bob, I am talking about that there fever, spring fever!

What about you?  Have you been been bitten, too?

Around the homestead we are doing the following: starting summer crops soon (new shipment of seeds are now in stock), soil block sowing another round of leafy greens, brassicas; removing about a foot of new (composted) soil from the animal compound (wonder how many trugs going to haul out this year?);  moving potted plants to and fro.  Just when I think we maxed out our little plot, lo and behold, new “growing spaces” open up.   Not to mention the yard work!  Just like house, the yard needs a bit of spring cleaning, too!

Next week at our Monthly Harvest Tally, we’ll be giving away another THREE Vegetable Planner Charts and announcing this months winners.   Stay tuned!





  1. Mike @MyWhiteDoves says:

    Hi Anais,
    What is blossoming in your picture? Is it a flowering almond?
    Sure is beautiful!

  2. Jeni Vandall says:

    Oh my goodness I have spring fever going on so bad too!!! I started 5 flats of veggies inside just after Christmas and now that we have no snow on the ground here in Utah (at least down in the valley) I have been achin to get out and get the garden going. I will have to wait until the heat comes up a bit but I am patiently waiting…ok so I’m trying to patiently wait, but its very hard.

    We to have found new spaces to plant more things this year. Planter buckets everywhere! I am still thinking of other spaces to grow more. Last year we had 15 planter buckets that we had through out the front yard and back porch this year we have 34 new buckets we are putting through out the front and back yard areas 45 buckets plus the garden area:) I’m so excited!

    We are also expanding on what we are growing. This year we are trying our hands at some citrus, we ordered some dwarf Lemon, Lime & Orange trees. We had to do dwarf so that we can bring them inside in the bitter cold winters. We also have apple trees, kale and many new herbs that I have learned about from your family and the West Ladies herb video!

    I can not thank you and your family enough for teaching me so much and really making me think about how I can use the small space we have to grow more and more!

    I hope one day I can come visit your homestead.

  3. Laura says:

    I have really enjoyed the mild weather this winter here on the east coast. We are still working on planting some winter/early spring crops here but very excited for spring and summer. They are my favorite seasons.

  4. Nancy R says:

    I’ve been bitten by spring fever, and we really didn’t have a winter this year in central Florida. Last August, I planted a peach, an orange, a lemon and a lime tree. All four have started to flower, and that’s when I caught the fever!

    My spring fever isn’t like other peoples because we don’t have the great summer growing season everyone else has. Tomatoes and peppers have to go in this weekend, so they’ll finish up before it gets too hot. Then I spend the summer digging beds.

  5. Ginger says:

    Reading your cheerful posts is such a nice addition to my days. We won’t be planting outdoors here until June 1. Of course some things can go in earlier such as peas and cabbage. We built a huge compost pile over our back 40 last fall that should improve our soil quite a bit for this growing season. I have a new project to grow baby kale and bok choi in window boxes in the living room window.

  6. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, Trugs, ha, I had to click on the link to see what trug was. It must be a little of your Aussie heritage showing as a trug is an English (United Kingdom) word for a shallow basket made from wooden strips. I’ll be getting into a little larger scale composting this year.

    I’m am soooo smitten by the Spring time bug. The weather really isn’t helping me contain my urges. I don’t know how much longer I can hold off the desire to start tomato plants. It really shouldn’t be done until April 1st here. If the weather holds and the ground dries, I might be able to divert my energies to fence building on the new garden property (Terra Nova Gardens). Yesterday was 52 degrees and today about the same. The Daffodils and Tulips are peeking through the ground to see what kind of weather they will encounter. They like it so far. I’m not sure where the winter went for if it really got here this year. The moisture level is maintaining pretty average levels so that’s a good thing.

    Spring time is such a hectic time, isn’t it. It’s my favorite time of the year. Everything is waking up from the winter slumber all fresh and new.

    Have a great time getting ready for Spring gardening.

  7. Canadian Jane says:

    I’ve been planning my garden on paper and started some seeds the other day…these won’t go outdoors until May unless it warms up early. Tonight they’re calling for “the biggest storm of the season”–5cm to 15cm of snow overnight but it won’t last long…supposed to warm up on the weekend. Winter here in Southwestern Ontario has been muddy and rainy and wet…yuck!

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