BEETS then BRASSICAS – what’s next?

Thanks for one of the Freedom Gardeners for bringing this frightening article to our attention.

Pretty soon vegetables could be at risk now that big M has stopped their meddling with rice, corn and soy — looks like swiss chard is threatened  with contamination and cabbages are next!


Organic seed producer Frank Morton has been warning people for years that genetically modified organisms pose a serious threat to the Willamette Valley’s vegetable seed industry.

Now he thinks his worst GMO nightmare may be coming true.

Roundup Ready sugarbeets — a patented variety engineered by Monsanto to tolerate the company’s widely used Roundup herbicide — have turned up in a soil mixture being sold to gardeners at a Corvallis landscaping supply business just a few miles from Morton’s fields.

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  1. Deb says:


    When will the world rise up and stop this nonsense????

  2. Loren in OR says:

    Wow,, We had all kinds of sprouts come up in our soil that we purchased for our new raised beds. They look like surgar beets and the nursury in question is less than 40 miles from us. Good thing we have pulling all the voluteers!!!

  3. Jan says:

    I have alot on my mind right now. Most of which I can not place in this comment. But one thing is for sure, they know it is wrong or they wouldn’t take so much time in tring to hide it .

  4. Susan says:

    Did anyone read the article on Feeding the World in the June 09 issue of National Geographic?

    I was so angry that I couldn’t even finish it. Monsanto the savior, if only people would just listen to them and REALLY do it their way….whatever.

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