The old hive get’s taken apart by Mr Beekeeper. He’s gentle and the bees don’t seem to mind him disturbing their home. Talk about a pro!

Justin peers in for a look see, intently trying to spot the queen.

Is she on this comb?

Found her! Bottom right corner of the comb there’s a cluster of bees around the queen.

With all the news of CCD and the dire situation of the bees we believe Pasadena is becoming a mecca for the honeybees. It’s true!

You wouldn’t believe how many phone calls and emails we received recently from local folks asking if we wanted bees. Why? There appears to be swarms everywhere! Even on Craigslist there are postings listing FREE BEES in the Pasadena area.

Our family is curious at this recent insurgence of bee colonies in the Pasadena area. Care to fill us in on this recent bee phenomenon and why in Pasadena? Maybe we should get some guys over at Cal Tech to study the recent insurgence of bees in the area.

The bees are coming, the bees are coming!

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  1. Kym Helwig says:

    Last week I added bees to our farm. I noticed in your pictures that you don’t use smoke. What are your secrets for keeping your bees calm during handling? Thanks for your site. I check every day to see what is new!

  2. heather says:


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