Here comes the “Pineapple Express”

The buckets, bins, barrels and cans are ready to catch the rainfall, animal compound is secure, cob oven covered, craft projects line up.  Bring it on!

What sort of rainy day activities do you enjoy?

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  1. Konnie says:

    Here in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Everything we do is a rainy day activity. We would get nothing done if we waited for a clear day. There is only one thing I don’t do in the rain, and that is my photography. Love my camera too much to chance hurting it. Hopefully you will not get too wet but enjoy catching the drops for some good watering later.:)

  2. Audra says:

    On rainy days we find crafts to do inside. A lot of crochet, art work, beading and everything else getting done. My 6-year-old doesn’t care if the weather is the worst of the worst though, he is out in it. The animals have mixed feelings about the weather, some enjoy it, and some of them really grumble. We have a beautiful sunny day today, with lots of snow in our forecast in the coming days.
    You guys take care.

  3. Patti says:

    We are iced in here in southern Indiana. We’ve been concentrating on our vermiculture, harvesting worm castings and setting up our new worm bin. I’ve got some lovely worm tea and beautiful castings all ready for seed starting in a couple of months!

  4. anita says:

    I clean closets, clean the garage, and bake, bake, bake.

  5. John says:

    I love that it’s called the “Live Mega Doppler 7000”. I’m not that old, but remember back when it was just called “weather forecast”. But I guess if it’s the Live Mega Doppler 7000 I should believe their forecast.

  6. says:

    OMG! You have a TV? Would Laura Ingalls approve? :p

    • Anais says: Um, just to set the record straight, Yes we have a TV but no we don’t watch news or much of any TV. This weather image was saved off their website and not the tv 😉

  7. Nancy R says:

    Hear in Florida, we are enjoying our first beautiful day in awhile. We’ve had awful cold, and enough frost to kill a bunch of my plants. Now, it’s sunny and 70ish. We really haven’t had much rain in quite a long time. If we have some on Saturday (50/50 chance), I’ll paint. I’ve been painting the inside of my house, and would like to get finished before the new year starts.

    I must say, your indoor activities sound so cozy and nice. Nancy R

  8. Nebraska Dave says:

    Rain really isn’t any issue this time of the year. It’s the cold, snow, and ice that are problems. This year I’ve started an inside basement food storage area project to keep me busy though the winter months. Hopefully, it will be finished by next spring in time to start storing food for the year.

    Have some great rain days.

  9. Ruth G says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the snow-bound cabin fever season to come after the holidays. I have a quilt project drawn out and fabrics pulled from my stash just waiting to be put together. I have two good books waiting and a couple of other small craft projects. In the deep midwinter is actually my time to get a lot of my Chritmas presents made so I am planning for that. And then there is the garden planning and decisions to make about seed purchases. And I also have some juice canned up from apples, berries and grapes and berries frozen just waiting for a nice long cold day to be made into jams and jellies. Even with our long winters I never feel like I have enough time to finish all the inside activities. I just love each season for what it brings.

  10. Kevin says:

    Rain. Ah, rain. My garden’s under 3′ of snow now. On snowy days like today [we got 3-4″ today], I like to read, research, plan, rest for the coming busy season.

  11. Ginger says:

    Seattle, where we winter, is very rainy and cold. More books are sold there than anywhere else in the country. I read a great deal. I am an avid armchair gardener during the dark months of winter. I draw house plans for my castle in Spain and nature scenes in my Country Diary of a Modern Lady. I mentor teens and study Spanish, scripture, history, horticulture, and herbalism. I sew skirts or aprons and play the piano or violin. I’m learning to knit socks this winter, warm, chill-chasing, cashmere socks. I also watch Jane Austin movies. Empty nesting is so much more fulfilling than I ever dreamed, however, it would be more fun in CA at the beach.

    • Anais says:

      @Ginger: can i come over to your house? 😉

  12. englishgarden2003 says:

    I’m just a stone’s throw away from you in North Hollywood and I’m lovin this rain!!! I’m doing a bunch of research for all kinds of things for spring. I recently went ‘no poo’ and I’m continuing my search for more natural ways to care for my husbands and my hygiene and laundry needs. I’ve actually been researching soapwort. have you guys ever used soapwort? I’m finding lots of people that figure it’ll work as soap/shampoo/laundry detergent in theory, but i haven’t been able to find anyone that has actually used it… Yay for rainy day research!! =)

    • Anais says:

      @englishgarden2003: Actually, about 10 years ago we planted a soapwort plant in the herb bed… think it’s still there! LOL Yeah, we have LOADS of plants and it’s hard to keep track. That’s some good research there. I have a few books about using soapwort… should pull them out. So what did you end up learning on your fact finding mission?

      • englishgarden2003 says:

        @Anais, Basically, you can boil or simmer about a cup of fresh leaves/stalks/flowers (personally I would think the flowers would be prettier in a vase, but that’s just me…) in about a pint of water and you can use it as laundry detergent, soap, shampoo or a cleaning solution on pretty much any hard surface. but only make as much as you plan to use in a short amount of time. In one article I read, it said that with the addition of lavender (I think it was lavender?) you can wash pets and pet kennels! Apparently the soapwort kills the germs and the essential oil repels fleas! It’s also great for crazy sensitive skin, which I just so happen to have… basically you can do everything but ingest it. As long as it stays on the outside of you, it’s a pretty cool little plant!!!

        I’d love to know what books you have and where you got them!

  13. Ruth G says:

    Just watching the weather channel and see that your part of California is experiencing a real deluge. Praying for you and everyone in your area that all will be safe.

    • Anais says:

      @Ruth G: Thanks for the prayers, Thankfully we live in somewhat high ground, other parts of the So Cal got hit hard.

  14. elaine says:

    Just wondering how the your Urban Homestead is holding up in this deluge. Are you coping just fine or are you getting a case of “cabin fever”? We have water coming under our garage door into the garage but other than that we can’t complain. Put some sandbags there and it helped. I’ve cleaned house, baked and made soups to keep cozy. I also find rainy days are good for curling up with a good book? What are you guys doing in this wet weather?

    • Anais says:

      @elaine: Yep we sure feel a bit of cabin fever creeping in; however with produce orders and critters to take care of we have to brave the downpour and do what needs to be done outdoors. How’d you fair after today’s deluge… that was something! Never seen anything like that in quite sometime. Looking forward to seeing the sun… perhaps tomorrow

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