Cob baked goodies

Baking day was yesterday, everything turned out yummy! We ate 1/2 of the warm bread coming right out cob oven and also enjoyed warm rice pudding for dessert.   The bread pudding and pie cooked perfectly and nothing burned. This oven is great that it can cook almost anything — not just bread and pizza. Although it’s a challenge to use it, it’s certainly worth it and a very fun (and tasty) learning experience.

Yesterday, was a interesting cooking experience since I baked four different items that required different temperatures. Of course, this scared me a little (OK, a lot!) since there’s no little temperature knob. I rely on a BBQ thermometer in the oven, but still I was a bit unsure how the oven would bake these items. I put in the bread pudding first and it was cooking fine. Halfway through the cooking time for the bread pudding, I put in the pumpkin pie.

The oven was a bit too hot and the pie started to bubble over – OK, so now what? This was creating a bit of mess since the drippings created smoke and I didn’t want a smoky, tasty pie.

So what I did was take the pie out (covered it with another pie plate) and kept it on the slab of marble that’s in front of the oven which we use as a warming shelf and it was pretty hot.

By that time the bread was risen and ready to go into the oven so I put the bread in to bake for 1 1/2 hours. Of course, after 1 1/2 hours the oven was maintaing a consistant heat and after the bread came out the pumpkin pie went back in and baked beautifully.

One neat observation using this oven is that things turn out moist and not dried out like when they were cooked in a regular oven.

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  1. Tia says:

    I think the Cob oven is fantastic!!! I was just wondering though, does it give all of the food a smoky taste?

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Tia

    Thanks for your comments. I worried about that too and as it turns out NO SMOKY flavor or taste! Amazing.


  3. Roger Gray says:

    So cool — makes me hungry just readin’ about the bread. Do you ever do sour dough? I have tried and tried to get a wild yeast starter hereabouts (Pasadena, about a mile down the road from you), and while we get some “action” the bread is either disappointing or plain ol’ inedible. (sigh). Had a similar problem with the hard cider we put down — the wild yeast was anemic.

  4. Anais says:

    Hi Rodger

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I have done sourdough before; however, not with the wild yeast. I got a couple starters from friends and made a few loaves. Unfortunately, after a couple months I get too busy and forget to feed it and I have dead starter. Bummer.

    If things calm down I would like to try again.

    Are you still interested in doing a cob oven article? By now we are quite sure that it works!


  5. Roger Gray says:

    Absolutely . . . I am not at computer with your email handy, but let me know what you had in mind (and if you have any specific markets in mind) and I’m there! works best.