Good ol summertime

The heat is on!!!! The past few days have been unbearably hot.   The mercury will continue to reach well into the 100s for a few more days.  

On Thursday morning a huge flock of geese passed over the house heading South.   Wonder if it was the same flock we saw pass over the Sol Fest festival on Sunday? Would be neat if it was!  The sight and sound of them migrating lifted the spirits and for a brief moment one certainly forget that we were surrounded by millions of cars and concrete.   I wonder if it’s an early or late migration and what it means for the upcoming winter?

Unfortunately, we city folks have certainly lost the intuitive sense of reading nature’s signs. I bet some old timer would know and have a prediction for forecasting the upcoming weather for this region.

In the garden, Justin has planted a new batch of tomatoes and ripped out the remaining ones that has been horribly affected by a massive infestation of spider mites (RIP). One theory of why the spider mites are so bad this year (besides the extremely wet winter and humid summer) is that we over wintered a Pepino Dulce (a relative of tomatoes and South American perennial melon) that had a few spider mites on it because we wanted to take cuttings of it in the spring but should have ripped the bugger out.

The winter squashes are looking good, except for a few spots of mildew that needs to be looked after. I think it helped that we planted them later than normal, bypassing the gloomy, mildew prone weather of June. The trombocino squash vines are so loaded with squash that the PVC pipe arbor semi-collapsed under the weight! Peppers, eggplants and last of the summer tomatoes are being harvested along with figs.

Harvested some more Mexicola avocados – it’s our best year yet! The Mexicola avocado is a dwarf variety that produces cute and tasty mid sized fruit.

This summer Jordanne and I whipped up a new tasty peachy dessert (thispeach bar recipeand others from our kitchen can be found on the new portal) Speaking of the new portal, let’s see some action people! Please take a few minutes to share links or articles, recipes so that we can see that our work setting this up is paying off — being used!