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  1. Wildside says:

    And thanks again for this link! Glad I logged back on…

  2. Kim Salisbury says:


    I’m so happy to see this new website. It looks very fine!! And the chickens on the main page today ~~ oh, I see it’s a montage of beautiful photos.

    This is a test, to see if comments go thru from my site to yours.

    for Chicken-Feed

  3. Dan says:

    We’ve just watched the first two episodes of Tales from the Green Valley and it’s fantastic. The great thing about it apart from the full-on authenticity is the enthusiasm of the 5 participants. Recommended viewing!

  4. Anais says:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for your comment. Did you or anyone else happen to tape these episodes??? Would love to see them too!

    Path to Freedom

  5. Peter Sommer says:


    I’m the producer/director of the BBC2 series Tales from the Green Valley.

    Just to let you know you can find out more at:

    along with an article I’ve written about the series at:

    Apparently a DVD of the series will be out in November.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.

    Best wishes,

    Peter Sommer