Urban homesteaders, pioneer a sustainable life in the city

Homespun living Pasadena family gets basics from own efforts {Pasadena
Star News}

PASADENA – For Jules Dervaes and his three adult children, each branch sagging with fleshy eggplant and every lick of sun-generated energy are small steps along the “path to freedom.

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{ :: Self-Edit Correction :: ¬†we don’t have a lawn (entire front yard is edible landscaping) }

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  1. lavonne says:

    >>To get much further in their quest, however, Jules Dervaes admits they’re going to need more space.

    “We could always use another acre or two,” he said. SPIN Farming? I just came across it yesterday and thought of you. Aside from their biointensive methods, the guy who came up with the idea actually rents people’s yards and does his farming in 25 different locations that add up to half an acre. Maybe you could add to your space by working out arrangements with some of your neighbors?

  2. lavonne says:

    Sorry, I messed that comment up. What I said was, Have you heard of SPIN Farming?

  3. Roger Gray says:

    Ha! We are about 1.5 miles from you, pesticide and fertlizer free for at least 7 years that we have lived here (compost) and would LOVE for you guys to grow anything you want on our front lawn 50 x 75 and 150 feet of “parking” . . . we keep meaning too do it, but have only managed to kill the lawn. . . (rofl). . . amusingly, if you wanted to do some onsite consulting this winter on edible and xeriscape we would DEFINITELY be interested in funding the use of your expertise . . . . even if we had to do the work! You guys have a touch for creating something beautiful and sustainable . . .

  4. Wildside says:

    Congrats on the article! I’ve clicked the link to read more…