Sunday we had a busy day on tap.  First we were off to Claremont to table and give a short urban homesteading presentation during their downtown Earth Day festivities.  Thanks to Sorrel and Sustainable Claremont for the invite!  Also thank you the lovely couple who offered us scrumptious baked chocolate muffins and lemonade from their establishment.

Lucky for Jordanne the famous local folk music store was nearby so we apron clad girls checked it out along with a friend and local Freedom Farmer who dropped by for a time.   Of course we didn’t buy anything but it was nice to finally get to visit the store and drool over all the string instruments.

As soon as we wrapped up there, it was back to Pasadena to put on our increasingly popular Film & Food Night.  Over 100 showed up for this event as we once again cultivated a homegrown community.

With it being warmer and longer days Jordanne brought over the goats and even a chicken for people to enjoy.  Clementine our eight year old chicken snuggled on a little girls lap the whole time (very cute!)

The goats really enjoy people and were happy to get their petting quota filled for the month.

At the Freedom Gardens table there was soil block and clay pot irrigation demos – not to mention the swap table which was chock a block full with an amazing assortment!  From tomato seedlings, sourdough starter, beets, artichokes, greens, herbs, yacon tubers, eggs and much much more!

Though we all were considerably tired after a busy weekend, the incredible food spread and wonderful fellowship was energizing and gave us that extra boost to finish off earth month on such a high note.

A huge thank you to our amazing bunch of volunteers who help pull off another successful event.

Also thank you to all those who come out to celebrate why food does really matter and that when we take back our food we take back our health.

Here are some photos to wrap up this post and busy month of community outreach.  Now, it’s back to our regularly scheduled reports from the urban homestead.

Until next time!

Farmer D presents the 10 elements of a modern urban homestead

Answering questions afterwards

Freedom Gardens swap table

Freedom Gardener tosses a “Freedom Salad” grown in his Freedom Garden with Freedom Seeds

Folks crowd around to see what goodies people have brought

Petting the goats

The chow line

Clementine cuddles

Film time!

Check out more photos here


  1. Janice says:

    Thank you once again for an amazing evening!

    I have one thought to share about the film. The film never specified what *kind* of vitamin to take. Not all vitamins are alike. Those vitamins that are produced synthetically have no comparison to whole, organic food based vitamin supplements. My Nutritionist educated me with an example: the Vitamin C that they often talk about as “Vitamin C” is synthetic ascorbic acid. This acid is just 5% of the entire Vitamin C COMPLEX, which the body does INDEED need in order to fight colds, cancer etc. However, in order for the body to utilize the ascorbic acid, it has to complete the rest of the complex(95%) by supplying it from the body’s reserves in order to process the acid. This depletes the body more than before you’ve taken the supplement. So, Vitamins are very good, so long as your approach is to eat it as a food (which I’m sure you guys are doing, and that’s why you hardly get sick!) Some of us though don’t eat quite as well as you do, so we become deficient in our nutritional balance and so it’s necessary for us to supplement our regular diet with organic whole food supplements. I just was concerned that most people who saw the film will go out and get the synthetic stuff and think it was doing good for their bodies.

  2. redclay says:

    On the Freedom Gardens table was a sign that said:
    3. Use less wheat and meat.
    The meat part I get. The wheat part? What’s up with that?

  3. Diane says:

    Anais, Could you please comment on the Freedom Gardens table sign? I’d love to know what was written on each line. Have a great day!

  4. Becky says:

    In reading this post, I am wondering: what are the 10 modern elements to an urban homestead? Do you have them somewhere on the site, because I couldn’t find them listed.

    Thank you.

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