Then… and Now ( 1 of 3 )

Another day of filming this week. The producer wanted to tell the story of our journey, so we pulled out some old photos from our chest of memories and thought it would be nice to share them with our readers. Especially those when we were kids.

I’d hadn’t looked through these photos for quite some time, and it was funny to realize that we really haven’t changed that much.

First in our picture installment of “then and now” is urban farmer and homesteader, Justin.

Justin was always one for getting down and dirty, and he still is – never afraid to tackle hard “manly” work. The photo on the left shows Justin, oh, I’d say about 3 years old playing in the mud in his undies (how cute!) on our 10 acre homestead in Florida.    The photo on the right was taken last summer after Justin had spent a hot and sweaty time on the roof removing three layers of asphalt shingles.   It would have been a perfect match if I could get a photo with his shirt off, which I am sure many of our gal readers would have liked to see… Anyhow, after that he hit the outdoor solar shower to get all the grime off. 

Stay tuned for more then and now photos of Jordanne and yes, even me.

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  1. David says:

    Wow! 10 acres of fun & mud. This wee one reminds me as kid, of summer school vacation when used to make street mud dams w/ neighbor kids & dig swimming pools that became spa like mud holes,lol.