Avocado Toast


Even homesteaders have to admit, there are some days they are  too durn busy to cook.   We start the day with good intentions but then we blow past lunch and, before you know it hunger strikes – it’s dinner time and your stomach is  fit to be tied.

Toast has been elevated to a new level, thanks to hipster foodie shops sprouting across the country.   We aren’t talkin’ ’bout your grandma’s version of toast   Folks are shelling out $5-$8 on toast.    Food trend aside, toast is the busy persons “to go” when hunger gnaws.

I fell in love with this fave “fast” food before it even had a hashtag and 100k following!

Avocado toast is versatile “go to” meal for  the busy homestead life and easily satisfies a savory, spicy or sweet craving.   Top it with herbs, poached egg,  hot sauce, heirloom tomatoes  or even strawberries.  Avocados are a “super food”  packed with nutrients  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, monounsaturated fats and more!

Avocado Toast Recipe

Favorite toast (whole grain sourdough bread is the best)

Mashed or sliced avocados.  Add a dash sea or garlic salt and squeeze of lemon juice.

Mayo the toast, slather or stack avocados and toppings of your choice.


A local troubadour wrote an ‘Ode to the Avocado.’   Listen while you eat!

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