The Freedom Gardeners are weighing in this month and boy what a harvest!

Kudos to you all for such an outstanding weigh in!

Initial August Harvest Challenge numbers show us over 2,900 lbs for August alone, for an annual total of over 15,000

The first part August we had cooler than normal temps so the summer veggies were a somewhat of a standstill.  So it’s no surprising with such weird weather that the August tally is down from previous years.    Now that summer’s back with a vengeance we are hoping that September will get us back to our normal harvest numbers.

Here’s our tally (on 1/10 acre 4,000 st ft) is

Produce: 798 lbs

Eggs: 78 Duck / 88 Chicken

OUR Year to Date Total 3458 lbs of produce, 726 chicken eggs, 722 duck eggs and 17 lbs of honey

Note: To give you a better understanding how small our growing plot is.  If an acre represents $1.00 we grow on just 10 cents.

Also did you check out the cool street view from our new contact page. You can “drive by” our urban homestead via your computer!


  1. Andrea says:

    LOL! I love the dollar metaphor! What a great way to explain the size of your lot!

  2. CE says:

    I am jealous of your ability to grow year round. We can garden here most of the year but from september on it is really holding what you have started for the fall/winter garden. My main problem has been the rains. Without protection things rot. With protection mice eat happily.
    This was a very good year for tomatoes and warm loving crops here as we had a very early and very warm spring. Still my totals are way down as I am not able to use the vegetable garden to grow anything. So I had to get creative about space.

  3. Janice says:

    oh boy, my harvest pales in comparison to yours… I still have to tally mine and post, sorry for being late! We’ve had too many insect issues this summer! Flea beetles, thrips, spider mites, pepper weevils, aphids and stink bugs!!! We are doing everything organically, but this is our first year on this ground.

  4. DoubleD says:

    Well, I am no where near that productive on my property but sun availability and strength is a big component of that. We do remarkably well with what we have to work with though and use many of the concepts you regularly employ as well. Our August tally was a good one too and should continue into September in a robust manner since we have the pumpkins, winter squash, and potato beds that will be harvested in the coming 30 to 45 day window of time.

  5. Sylvana says:

    Your gardens are an inspiration to me. I have longed to live on acreage to be able to grow a lot of my own food, but could only afford a large, in-town lotted house. From reading your blog I have realized that I have PLENTY of room to do most of what I would like (aside from animals, as we have laws prohibiting that unfortunately 🙁

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