What has always been the hardest thing for me to do is to start over. Being settled in a way of life is like lying in bed under heavy blankets on a frigid winter’s morning. Who in their right mind wants to step out into the cold? And, when you must get going, does not your body so desperately yearn for the lost warmth?

The familiar and sure surroundings are what we use to provide ourselves with cozy protection. Boy, do I need to be protected from the awful cold of life! Or do I? What can I really do to truly guarantee lifelong security? How much money will all that take? The richer one is, the better able to be insulated from the hard knocks of life–only for some pain and just for a while.  

Now this is where I get to choose. I could spend all my days trying so hard to keep my house centrally heated, or I could just get used to facing the cold. What reduces that shock is doing it over, time and again. So, here’s to the path of more beginnings!