Chatting after Farmer D’s “10 Elements of an Urban Homestead” presentation

Homegrown music from a local musician

So Cal Freedom Gardeners swap howdies & contact info

Here’s some photos from Sunday’s event at the library.

Besides thanking Nancy for putting this event on also like to thank Freedom Gardener D for bringing us some more of his wonderful lemons.  I told him that ever since the new owners chopped down the ancient lemon tree next door I’ve refused to buy any – yeah, I’m stubborn – lemons.  So it’s great that this social network is there to instigate exchange within the community.   Freedom Gardener D enjoyed the pickled figs that he picked up at our July event so will be exchanging home canned goods for his citrus.

Bartering goods is so much fun and engaging you get to talk about the food and where it comes from.

Freedom Farmer S also brought us some avocados which we are making available to our customers at Dervaes Gardens.  So if you are in need of some certified organic avocados let me know – we have lots!

Hey homegrown revolutionaires, are you swapping crops this season with your neighbors?  What are you doing in your community to share the bounty.


  1. DuaneD says:

    I’m just glad that you’re able to make use of all those lemons. If I’m trading you my lemons for your pickled figs, I think I’m coming out way ahead!

    Big Thanks!

  2. HOME & GARDEN | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] Sunday afternoon Farmer D gave a presentation at the Pasadena Public Library (see previous post).  The library was a great place to beat the heat and spend time chatting with some really nice […]

  3. Margret says:

    My BF has a large family, so I’m handing off bags of eggplants, peppers, tomatoes to SOMEONE at least once a week. My across-the-street neighbor is having his first try at a garden, and we’re swapping cukes for peppers. The garden is almost done for summer—in another month I’ll pull up old plants & get ready for the fall/winter garden, which is my favorite. In N. Fla I’ll be growing greens, cabbage, broccoli etc all winter.

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