A flower emerges

The behemoth slab of concrete is history!    Jordanne so wanted that concrete to be gone and done with that she even took a few turns at operating the jackhammer. Of course, she felt it the next morning!   They even got creative and cut out two flowers from the concrete. I can imagine how lovely thyme would look growing in-between the petals.

Today, we will be piling up the rubble to one side to remove a layer of dirt and then the fun starts – designing a whole new garden.    We figured on using the pieces of concrete for a retaining wall and stepping stones in a walkway or patio area; however, it doesn’t look like we can use all the concrete so we’ll offer it free to anyone who is willing to haul it away.
Keeping warm ’round the rocket stove

Last night we held our traditional ‘Harvest Gathering,’ inviting and thanking friends, loyal supporters and those who took the time to write us a thank you note for our work in hosting previous events   We had intended to hold it outside since the weather had been so warm and mild, but mother nature decided otherwise.

A blistery and windy Santa Ana blew in and we had to move everyone indoors (sure glad many of those invited were unable to make it because it would have been pretty crowded otherwise!).     Ray brought his rocket stove and fired it up in the front yard and cooked up some bananas for dessert while everyone gathered close to the glowing oven for warmth.

Thanks to all who brought something to contribute to the potluck table, and the three guitarist who entertained us with beautiful music.


  1. stella says:

    i love the flower design. how big is it? i can’t wait to see the finished results when it’s planted!

  2. dragonfly183 says:

    that would have been pretty. I don’t know if I could have fought the temptation to leave it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s some creativity with concrete!!!
    Good job on breaking it out.