Who turned on the heat?  It feels like summer out! Temps have topped 85 degrees.  Guess winter is behind us as we sprung forward last weekend.

It’s certainly been a busy week of activity here on the urban homestead, so I am afraid I am behind in keeping ya’ll up to date.

So once again here’s a pictorial dispatch (or two) to get you caught up with happenings here on the urban homestead.

And for all those new readers, a warm welcome to our little homestead in the city.  We hope you stay awhile.

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In the Mail

A gift!

Handcrafted and recycled metal sign, Homegrown. Made from scrap metal in the garage workshop of a California homesteader. Offered exclusively by Path to Freedom Urban Homestead on the Peddler’s Wagon!

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In the Garden

There’re up.  Soil blocks and squash

Soil blocks and beans

Planting more soil blocks.

Learn how to make your own soil block – click here

Don’t have a soil blocker?  Then a soil block at our online store – here.

Homemade self watering containers.  Out come the potatoes and ollas – in go tomatoes and ollas!

Apricot blooms

Pretty in pink


Jungle of peas

Homegrown potatoes

Worms at work

Ruby red chard

Cabbage head warmed by the sun.  Sorry can’t get enough of the gorgeous cabbage heads.   Pretty soon they’ll all be gone as we are eating them up one by one – just don’t tell this one that she’s next!

Growth spurt.  The backyard garden starts to fill in after a long winter

One of our restaurant clients deliver oil for Justin’s home biodiesel brewing

Hive Happenings

With the warm weather the bees get active.

Time to go in and see what’s up

They spot new queen cells and divide the hive to keep peace in the bee kingdom

Sleepy Head

With too much going on at the urban homestead, Fairlight lends her support – not really! Instead snoozes thru all the fun.

There’s more so don’t you too fall asleep, stay tuned!


  1. Chris says:

    Soil blocks rock! …. (once you get the hang of it!) I had it for a year and got too caught up in all of the proportions of mixes, tried the blocks (they fell apart) and put it back on the shelf. After washing a bundle of little seed start containers out and seeing a recent post here, I had an A-HAH moment. The potting medium must be moist enough, like Anais said, like a slurry. You can kind of see it in one of Justin’s photos. I just used what I had in the house, some potting mix, got it wet and kept mixing it and moistening until when you squeeze it in your hand, it holds together well. Knocked out a tray of 50 e-z, p-z. This is going to be a HUGE time saver and help with my small scale succession planting.
    Other tip after seeing PTF record keeping post, I put a piece of white tape on the left hand corner of the tray and labeled it with a “1”, then in my new growing season journal wrote down from left to right what the rows were so I can make up garden labels for when I put them in the ground or a container home. Thanks Dervaes Family for helping me with my soil blocks!

  2. Sarah says:

    I noticed this morning that we had some seedling peeking out! I was thinking I needed to get some pictures. Love to see what’s happening around your place! 🙂

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