We wrap up another busy week with a pictorial dispatch – highlighting our new grey water project and more!

Goat Walk & Talk

Student working on an profiling some local eco heroes for a NPR radio piece comes along on one of our goat walks.  Jordanne shows her some wild edibles that are popping up all over thanks to the wondrous winter rains.

Being interviewed while walking the goats in the lower Arroyo Seco.

Spring Tonic

Nettle goop (read about making your own natural nettle tonic for the garden )

Farmer Justin bucket fertilizes the raised beds with nettle slurry


First dry week in weeks so time to fluff up the shavings, straw in the animal yard


Farmer Justin latest growing efforts – mushrooms.

Water Reclamation

We have a bonafide grey water system – well, almost!

For decades we always been into recycling grey wateroutdoor shower, hand washer on the back porch etc.

I remember hauling 5 gallon buckets out to the house to water the food in the front yard back when we were teenagers in the early 1990’s.  But no more bucket hauling or guerrilla grey water set up!  The guys have been hard at work installing a system that will reclaim the laundry wash water and send the used water into the garden – underneath a few of the raised beds and also to a few fruit trees.

We are excited because this is another step forward in our sustainable journey.

Farmer Justin morphs into Plumber Justin for the week

Getting there!

Flower Power



Strawberry blossoms


Self Watering Containers

Using ollas we make self watering containers.  Pick a good deep pot and then stick an olla in the middle – that’s it!

Then plant your seedlings

Olla and tomato pot

Here’s another olla pot surrounded with chard and kale

Spring is Here!

Grow your own, don’t forget to stock up on seeds at our little start up seed company Freedom Seeds – featuring organic, non corporate owned seeds.

Greens Galore!

Salad mix for customers.

We expanded our DerVaes Gardens business to be more csa-like.  We are encouraging local residents to come by and support local foods and farms!

If you are interested in receiving a weekly surplus email updates email us at

Pea Forest

Justin and the peastalk.

Citrus Delights

Busy Hands

Jordanne knits up some items for friends new baby

Still snoozing?   Geez, Fairlight, did we wear you out with all the happenings!


  1. Laura says:

    The grey water sounds like a great idea. I’d love to know more about how that works. Do you have a pump that is pumping the water to the raised beds an fruit trees?

  2. Patti says:

    Excellent work on the greywater reclamation. I love all the photos, especially that sleepy Fairlight!

  3. ariella says:

    yeah for your grey water system! Congrats!

    Are you growing orchids now? They are lovely.

    I ordered some of your Homestead Blessing DVDs, and I just got them! Thanks!

  4. kitsapFG says:

    Lots of good stuff going on at the homestead! The greywater project is very interesting. Could we talk you into a post that describes the basic mechanics of how it works?

  5. Margy says:

    When I taught elementary school in Bellflower back in the 70s we had a small area with farm animals for the students. Over time we had a calf, pig, turkey, chickens, rabbits and a goat. The goat would come visit classrooms, but on the way to lunch it would wait in the hall for the classes to pass by, picking a “lucky” child or two to give a butt. The older kids didn’t mind too much, but my little first graders always wanted to hurry along and maybe skip a turn. I bet you couldn’t do that these days in schools. – Margy

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