Still a boat load of work that welcomed us on arrival home – the dreaded T word loomed.  Justin was burning the midnight oil often this week.  Occasionally one would hear verbal outburst – geez what’s going on in there?  Can you guess?  The tax man cometh!

With winter fleeting fast and spring ready to, well, spring.  There’s lots of outside work to be had.  Time to fix and spruce up the place like we do after a long winter.

Duckies enjoying the sunshine

Growing vertical!  Cleaning up some metal panels Farmer D is recycling into trellises.

Justin working on the car – this job is taking a couple days and a couple of beers (well, no beer but he could use one).  Old cars need lots of TLC and patience.

Justin captures a hummingbird “dancing” in the sprinkler that he set on top of the compost heap

Cob oven needs some TLC too and coat of boiled linseed oil

It’s an oily job!

Visiting a local salvage yard, Justin checks out some interesting objects

Score!  Salvage yard has pavers.  We borrow Struan’s truck and extra set of hands to haul the pavers back to the urban homestead

Struan and Farmer D unload the pavers

Handy woman, Jordanne, helps put the pavers in place

Brick by brick

A pattern forms

Amy update.  Now that we are home, I am back to giving Amy her daily massage.  I am noticing that she gets slightly worse after each massage but the next morning she almost, almost looks normal (progress!).  The inflammation seems to be in right wing socket near her neck.  I am noticing that there’s a knot of some sort and though she winces at first she then relaxes and likes the massage and acupressure that I apply.

So guess just have to continue what we are doing.  It’s gotten us this far so, so far so good.

Oh mother! I killed my mother.  OK that sounded gruesome.

Actually my “mother mushroom” aka “scooby” died.  Or at least I think it did.  That’s what happens when you go away – you leave instructions about feeding the critters, taking care of the plants but the scooby – well, got overlooked.  I left it in a homebrewed batch of kombucha in the fridge but this time not enough.  By the time I got back the mushroom (or evaporation) had dried up the liquid.

I am going to see if I can revive it – not sure if it’s alive.  We’ll have to see.

Just to be safe I am growing another one.  It will take awhile and gonna to miss our kombucha buzz.

We are still doing pretty well on stock of our home canned goods.  Not sure if the tomato sauce will last until our first crop of ripe tomatoes but we’ll see.   We may start our canning earlier this year because we have a load of fruit frozen in the freezer.  Either that or make some desserts!

New Olympic sport: synchronized preening.

Note: I actually had a pretty bland caption for this cute photo; however, I left this post on the computer for awhile, came back and Jordanne added a WAY better caption instead.  Thanks sis.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love seeing your family start into Spring… it reminds me that we aren’t TOO far away… We are sitting under about 2 inches of snow, and all we can do is wait (OH! And plan!). Can’t wait until Spring!!!

    Love the photos as always

  2. ~~Melissa says:

    The hummer playing in the sprinkler is so sweet. I have fish in a pond that play in the waterfall. So dear, it is.

  3. Shannon Dorman says:

    Howdy there guys! I love following what’s goin on with you guys and the homestead! I’m sure you guys already know about this, but not sure if your readers do…the USDA is deciding whether or not to let Monsanto release their new GMO crop…alfalfa! So much of organic living depends on alfalfa and of course once it’s released we can’t control the spread infiltrating organic crops. The USDA said not enough people care about GMO’s to stop them from releasing it…they’re taking comments until Feb. 16th before they make their decision. Please email Eileen Broomell at the USDA ( or go to Freshthemovie blog and sign their petition…they’re trying to get 5,000 signatures and the last I checked they had 3,600…thanks for all you guys are doing to spread the word of true sustainability!

  4. anita says:

    Thanks Anais for the photo update.
    Will never tire at looking at your firetruck red kitchen cupboards stocked with glistening preserves.

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