Only 5 more journal entries to go as I try to catch up with all the latest happenings.

Huff, puff.  Can I do it before the weekend?  I sure hope so because this weekend is also shaping up to be another busy one.

Obviously the extreme temperatures have wreaked havoc on the garden – with fruit drop, tip burn, bolting and just petering out some of the five foot pea plants just gave us the ghost.

Today we had overcast and even drizzly weather.  Wow, what a shock to the system – from tank top to turtle neck in a day.   The cooler weather is staying for awhile!  There’s even a chance of showers this weekend – go figure.

Well, not only has there been a flurry of outreach going on but the urban homestead has been hopping. Here’s a few photos taken from the urban homestead this week.  Enjoy!

Justin puts together frames for the hive

Homegrown potatoes

More flats of soil blocks

Spring garden… well for awhile there this week it felt more like summer

Pedal power grain mill  The goats check out the wheat berries that we were grinding

Front yard edible landscaping in the morning

Our come some of the peas – dried plants make great goat food.

In go the ollas and then the tomatoes

Justin repots tomatoes

Gorgeous garlic

Out come the solar ovens

Sunkissed swiss chard

The urban homestead’s utility porch – complete with cat

Clay pot irrigation bed

Jordanne doing chores in the animal enclosure

Picking sunflowers

Ducks preening after a cooling jaunt under the hose


  1. Patrick says:

    Those lanterns look nice and functional! Do you use them to extend work hours when the nights come earlier?

  2. Al says:

    Do you have to remove/rebury the ollas pictured, or do they stay put once you bury them in a raised bed?

  3. EmilyB says:

    What wonderful images of everyday life at your homestead.

  4. jengod says:

    Thank you for the photos. So gorgeous!

  5. HOMEGROWN LIFE | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] urban homestead’s utility porch complete with hanging food dryers, three solar ovens, hand washer and outdoor galvanized sinks and a solar clothes dryer (yeah, just a fancy name for a clothes […]

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