“Earth is crammed with heaven
And every bush aflame with God
But only those who see take off their shoes.”

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet

April just on whooshed by and brrr is it ccccold.

Spring just up and left, it feels like December – we got over 5/8 of inch or rain and can you believe there’s snow on them thar mountains.  I think that’s a FIRST!

With Amy, our duck (who’s still hanging in there btw – more on “Amiac”  later) definitely no “spring break” for us farmers that’s for sure.  April is a “make or break” month where the summer garden comes together not to mention host of community happenings as folks commemorate the 40 year anniversary of Earth (Stewardship) Day.

Lots can be said, lots can  be written (and are being said and written — LHITC has been feature on & ) but I’ll just let these photo montage speak for itself as we celebrate and are thankful for the daily blessings of creation.

Homestead Blessings

Sharing our blessings/journey with others.  Here sis and I show off our “low impact-country” kitchen

Our local KNBC 4 did a brief segment on the urban homestead for their “Green is Universal” week.  Unfortunately they haven’t put it online for those who didn’t see it air yesterday during the 5 o’clock news.

Front yard farming

Cuddling critters

Flower vinegars


Flowering veggies

Squash ready for planting in the raised beds

Tomatoes growing on up

Backyard farming

Another “mother” scooby – homebrew kombucha!

Busy in the kitchen

Strawberry time

Young apples


  1. CandaceZ says:

    I dream of the day I can stay home full-time and do the same things you do. I do what I can on a part-time smaller scale basis and each day I try to do a little more to reach my goals. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Talithia says:

    We make Kombucha also, very refreshing on hot humid days here in Florida. Would love to make vinegar as we use tons.

  3. Laura says:

    I love your pictures. I would like to know more about the flower vinegar.

  4. Kris says:

    What a great post! I loved all the pictures, especially the one of Jordanne cuddling Blackberry. That’s pure love and joy. It seems every week there must be a journalist at your house doing a story! You are certainly the most famous urban homesteaders in the US, and such an inspiration to your readers! 🙂

    I decided 2010 is the year I’m putting my back yard lawn to better use. Tonight DH and I assembled two 3.5′ X 7′ raised beds and laid down cardboard and weed block fabric to prevent weeds from intruding. The planting mix will be delivered tomorrow and on Saturday we’ll fill the boxes and start seeds and transplant some seedlings (alpine strawberries, yum!). Thanks for giving me the inspiration to do this!

    Finally, I hope Amy recovers fully … she couldn’t have a better home and family than with you.

  5. Rich says:

    I’d also love some info on the vinegar – never heard of flower vinegars before.

  6. frugalspringfield says:

    Those are beautiful apples. What variety of apple tree are you growing? You must be planting dwarf varieties to be able to fit them on your small property. I continue to be amazed at how prolific your garden is in such a small space.

  7. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Love looking at all the pictures you share with us! The above poster stated… “It seems every week there must be a journalist at your house doing a story!” I don’t know how y’all get done what you do with that many visitors to you home.

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