Life goes on keeping us all busy as bees (we’ll show you a few of our bees if you scroll down a bit!)

Here’s another pictorial post for your enjoyment of some of the happenings here on the urban homestead.

Farmer Justin, like a machine, whips up a few dozen soil blocks

The soil blocker he’s using is about 15 years old and has been one of the most valuable tools used here on our micro farm.

Filling up a tray with soil blocks

I’ve lost track of how many post LHITC has dedicated to the makin’ of soil blocks – here are a few

this one and this one

Saturday social with friends.  Some even take up knitting for the first time!

Catching up with old friends

Connecting with new ones

and knitting!

While walking the goats we are always in the presence of the graceful Colorado Street Bridge

The goats check out the view from below

Pruning time.  Farmer D cuts away at the “fruit tree hedge” that runs along one of the urban homestead’s fence line.

Checking on the bees before winter.

This Queen is a beauty and a big girl!  Can you spot her?

Star fruit.  These two beauties are the first we have harvested since we purchased the fruit tree 7 years ago.  Farmer D jokes they are worth a couple hundred dollars a piece and that he’s going to “bronze them!”

Fall tomatoes

Jordanne cleans the animal yard while Fairlight looks on in approval

Covering up.  The raised beds get winterized with a light row cover

Honey shed work continues

Up go the sides!

Jordanne treat us to a new dessert — homegrown/made guava jam and cream cheese pastry.  YUM!

Monthly co-op pick up time.  I wait for the truck driver to unload the goods.

Oh, and don’t forget you can order seeds and garden supplies from our online stores and all proceeds help support this site and help us grow onto the next level


  1. Scot Morgan says:

    I loved this post. Thanks for the variety of inside goings on. I am interested in the honey shed; please keep posting as that develops. Your photos are to me as a stroll through a fragrant garden. Much appreciated.

  2. Jed says:

    I just finished knitting my first real hat (beanie) two minutes ago (made several since starting a couple of weeks ago but this is my first “I really like this one” hat) and went online and there is a great picture with you guys knitting.

    Made me feel good and connected.



  3. Stacy says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks to my month helping out at the county fair exhibit I managed to pick out the queen bee right off the bat – incredible photo. Time to get my keister in gear and get my garden looking more like yours again…

  4. Jeb says:

    That star fruit better be delicious! Ugh I can’t imagine waiting seven years for them. Hopefully the yield goes up dramatically!

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