Snow peas

Saving seeds with the hanging food pantrie

Baskets of green to semi ripe tomatoes.

Ducks and chickens enjoy the tomato spoils

The days are getting longer a sure sign that spring is just around the corner

With the wonderful weather we have been having it’s been perfect for working in the garden and getting it ship shape before spring.

All the fruit trees need pruning so last week the guys tackled about 1/2 of the fruit trees here on the urban homestead.  When it came to pruning the apple trees the goats sure loved the trimmings.  No need to worrying about where to put the branches with such helpful (and cute) composters around.

Like Jordanne says, “I can hug my composter.”   She’s right, but not only that animals are an integral part of the urban homestead.  Especially when it comes to waste management.  They are the best method for building new soil for our garden.

The fall tomato crop was better than anticipated so we have loads of green, semi ripe and ripe tomatoes.  With the pantry already running low on home canned tomatoes (thanks to a lack luster summer harvest) it’s great to have fresh tomatoes in winter.  Found a really tasty green tomato pasta recipe.  Tomatoes don’t have to be ripe to been enjoyed.

That’s something you learn living and eating with the seasons, you make do with what you have.  And we are always grateful at the bounty our little plot of land provides.

This week I suspect many of you will be getting the Mother Earth News Magazine in your mailboxes if you are subscribers.  Look for a First Hand Account by Jules Dervaes.  Not to mention the entire spread of photos were taken by us and they are certainly candy for the eyes.  Nature provides us with such beauty if we take the time to care and tend it.

For those of you who ordered a copy of MEN from us, we should be getting them by mail shortly.  Just as soon as we get them we’ll send them out to you.  We also appreciate your support.

I think we’ve had enough of the dry weather.  Yes, folks hate to kill your sunshine but we are going to need some more rain before the winter is out.

Weather reports have a chance of rain later on in the week, so we are praying that the slight chance turns into an actual chance.

Entries & Event

I am so busy during the day now with the likes of Freedom Gardens, Freedom Seeds and everything else on my plate that I’ve taken to writing these entries at night.  So hopefully they are coherent.

Stay tuned for what we ate last week, Freedom Garden highlights and more.  I feel a posting blitz coming on.

In 2009 kick off the new year with a bunch of urban aggies!

Don’t forget our community event we are hosting on Sunday.  So far a bunch of Freedom Gardeners are showing up – nearly 1/2 who reserved are FGers!

Our last FG meetup was a huge success!  We had two tables LOADED with homegrown produce, fruit trees slips, homemade goodies and more!

So far, the So Cal Freedom Gardens contingent are bringing: hubbard squash, nuts, acorn flour, herbs. tangerines, grapefruit, seedlings, and more.

It’s going to be fun.  Also, don’t despair we are close, very close, to allowing FG meetup in your area.  Just have to wrap up a few legal and guideline issues first.  But soon a similar FG event will be coming to a city near you.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: JK $50  Thanks for your support.  We appreciate it  very much.


  1. Chris says:

    I can’t wait for the first meeting in my area! We need to change the laws of this town, so if I stay in this town, that I could have mini animals too! Thankyou so much for all you guys are doing! C

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