Yard work

Winter tomatoes

Farmer J shows off his heads of broccoli

And another beauty

Dining room turned seed business

Justin packing seeds for Sunday

With the prospects of of a dryer than normal season, thanks to La Nina,  (our normal is between 14″ & 19″ — see rainfall totals for the past 130 years) it’s not hard to gander that this is going to be another difficult farming year.  Unless some miracle happens and the winds change the prospects of a good year are looking slim.

With farming one learns you can’t cry over spilled milk you just have to face every day and do what you have to do come what may.

So we’ll take the come what may but it’s still rather scary to face another year that could be full of all sorts of weather surprises.

But no matter the spring bug has bitten and so once again the call of the dirt beckons us to renew our faith and plant seeds to provide our family with food and hopefully income.

With all the goings we have gotten slightly behind in our garden work.  Once you get behind on one thing then another thing piles up and then you have a log jam.   We were hoping for a longer winter so we could catch up with a few indoor projects but nature has other plans.  So it may be an early spring after all and there’s what we call a confluence of projects that are all converging at the same time leaving us riding some pretty intense rapids.

All we can do is paddle like crazy, hoping for calmer waters ahead.

Why do we do it?  Well I think Rhoda of Down to Earth did a good job of summing up “the why”we do what we do.

In the Works

We have a an ultra cool challenge up our sleeves – well, I am pretty excited about it.  Last year we launched the 100 foot diet which hundreds of people participated in.

The guys have been busy with the seeds.  Labeling and packing.   We hope to have a table debuting Freedom Seeds at the upcoming event on Sunday.  I have been busy with the research, educational aspect of FS.  Like I said FS is not just going to be another seed company instead more of a campaign for seed sovereignty.    Of course I can’t let everything out the bag but our mission will be promoting seeds grown by the people for the people.

And some good news!

Weather forecast have a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.  Praying for rain.


  1. Garden says:

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  2. Shirley says:

    OK, please tell – waht was Justin planting in the front yars right next to the curb? More details about the actual garden work would be nice this year. What is being seeded into flats, transplanted, or direct sown into the garden. Also the details about what’s being added to the soil and when.

    The seed company – It is so encouraging to see the seed going into packages. A little history of each seed on that website would educational. I just got finished reading about a hundred food plants and their origin. It was not only educational but very interesting. I believe many people just don’t understand about plant diversity and the fact that we do grow in our own gardens and eat foods from every nation on earth.

    Your normal winter weather is not lost – we have it over here on the North/Central line in FLORIDA. You can come get it if you want. We had a 12 hr hard freeze last night. The bird bath is froze solid. And the rain is over here too. Thank goodness not last night, I’ve only seen snow twice in my life (50 odd years) an that was just a dusting that melted at daybreak.

  3. shawn says:

    Great to see that your tomatoes are still going strong. I’m up in Santa Barbara, and am planning on growing some winter tomatoes next year- I’d love to know the variety/varieties you grow over the winter, and when you set out you transplants.
    Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

  4. Meg says:

    I am a very visually oriented person, so I always love the entries like this, with lots of photos showing what’s going on. Thank you for that! Those tomatoes look yummy. I’m down to my last 6 storage tomatoes (Long Season Peach and Long Keeper varieties), so I am rationing them out verrry slowly. I am looking forward to Freedom Seeds and have put the decision on the rest of my seed ordering I’m very much looking forward to your new venture.

  5. Darren (Green Change) says:

    You want to hope you guys don’t get raided by the police – growing strange crops in the backyard, weighing and packing seeds to ship out all across the country, having “no visible means of support”, etc. Very suspicious.

    You’re total subversive influences!


  6. Janice says:

    Prayin’ for rain too!

  7. Chris says:

    What about the goats? Did you get them bred? That would be good if you could have your own milk! You all could drink it, make cheese’s, give to chickens and feed spoiled milk (if there would ever be any) to the compost. Milk sprays allot of the time can be used on the garden! Right? Latter, C

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