We all know the rest of the adage ” May flowers” ; but April showers also bring to our little homestead…

Disapproving Goats

Sulking Chickens

Happy Ducks

The thirsty garden is rejoicing from this recent and heavy downpour and the rain’s not over yet!  There’s another storm to come, what a double blessing!

How do your animals react to inclement weather?  Of course, our animals, having being raised in sunny So Cal , are, how should I put it, ” a might spoiled.”


  1. Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Poor dears… well, except for those happy ducks!
    I’m about to search around your blog, looking for
    all I can glean about your goats. I thought I was fairly-well
    prepared… brought home two babies, last week, and as we
    get acquainted, I find I have lots more questions!

  2. jennifer says:

    The chickens are hidding under the coup, the ducks are very happy, and the puppy does not care if it is raining he still wants me to through the ball. The baby plants are stretching out of the soil. Life is slowly growing by.

  3. Karen says:

    Yesterday and today, my animals were pouting. It started raining, which turned to snow, then back to rain. My free-roam chickens go in and don’t want to come out. My cooped chickens go out and don’t want to go back in. My ducks and geese love the rain. They find the biggest puddles in the yard to play in. I find it funny when they try to eat the snowflakes off the backs of the others. My turkeys and rabbits don’t mind what the weather is as long as they are fed. I think the animals that really have a problem with the weather are the dogs. Thank goodness we haven’t had thunder – they are a real handful. I think all of us will just be happy when the weather is warm and snow decides to stay away. Bring on the sunshine – I am ready for Spring!

  4. Audra says:

    The horses get pretty grumpy with the spring rain, but they are also getting up there in age, so I imagine they get a bit achy with the weather like we do. One of our geldings will start bucking when it comes down hard, I laugh that he is trying to kick it out of the area. And they have a barn and trees, they just choose to stand out in the rain!
    Our goats get pretty grumbly with the rain. The goat kids are pretty fun to watch as they splash in the puddles though.

  5. Talithia says:

    Well our hen Laya lays in the rain instead of the hen house. I guess she likes the rain….

  6. Lisa Burbank says:

    My rabbits are predominantly house bunnies, along with the cavies and Smoky the Cockatiel; the cats are also house critters but Trooper, at least, hates the windows being shut down again as he has a bit of spring fever; the dogs welcome the excuse to indulge in a good, long nap on their beds instead of the doghouse; the chickens complain at me every time I venture out and hover around the door to the henhouse looking quite bedraggled from the last venture out of it; my ducks look like they’ve found heaven on earth, standing in front of the downspout off the gutter, splashing in the deluge coming out of it. Their joy is contagious! =)

  7. Lynn says:

    Our chickens run for cover at the drop of a hat. They have freedom from the run but I think we need to change that. We leave their door open in the day and when it gets to be dusk they are all inside waiting for us to close the door.

    We want to get rabbits and goats next but have such a limited space we aren’t sure what to do. We’re okay with a miniature breed of goat but what to do about living quarters just have us hesitating. We have 1/2 acre with house and separate garage.
    Not much space. Our only sunlit space is our 16′ x 20′ garden area.

    Do you have any design suggestions or can you direct me to a site that might offer up some suggestions? Any input is appreciated :).

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