April Weigh In

As the growing season gets longer, the poundage is going up.  Pretty soon, God willing, we’ll be inundated with summer/bulk crops.  Can’t wait to taste our first cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers of the season.  Also looking forward to peaches.

In the meantime we are enjoying strawberries, loquats, broccoli, radishes, potatoes, all sorts of greens and peas.

Our poundage for the month of April comes in at 306 lbs 11 oz.  Also, the month’s egg tally is: 99 Duck eggs and 80 chicken eggs.

Care to join in this year’s collective growing efforts?

Let’s get growing!


  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! Tons of eggs! And I just have to say…I love that you names your ducks after the Little Women…so cute.

    So do you guys eat all those eggs? Or do those get sold or bartered as well?

  2. Mary in Oklahoma says:

    Well, we had almost 9 pounds! Our strawberries are a little later than last year due to so many cloudy and rainy days over the past two weeks. Nine pounds in a month isn’t a big start – but I figure that it’s 9 pounds I didn’t have to buy at the market!

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