Obviously, Virginia, there is an Earth Day. But, saving the earth through this special day celebration–now in its 32nd year–is a myth. With over 5,000 environmental groups around the world taking part in over 184 countries, Earth Day will be impressive but, for the most part, irrelevant. Once over, it’s back to everyday life and the other 364 days which constitute our real world.

I am guilty of thinking and talking and not doing, guilty of doing some things that I want to do and avoiding others which I find unpleasant, difficult, or just not ME. Even though I have managed to take a few steps here and there, these actions pale in the face of what still has to be done–the Mt. Everest climb to gain The Summit. At least, now, I have made a map to keep me from getting lost and, also, to remind me that I dare not stay put at any one intermediate camp for long. My course of action is laid out so: