Never a day goes by without some case of crazy animal antics. The animals are an integral part of the urban homestead; not only do they provide a great composting service (most of them) but also hours of delightful entertainment (we don’t have cable TV).

Here are some of our animals, sticking their noses and paws into things.

After the ollas and tomatoes go in, our curious kitty checks things out with his stare, sniff, and paw routine – “I just don’t think Justin knows what he is doing!”

Paper!  Justin packing up some ollas and Blackberry wants to help!

I don’t know what it is with goats and paper but they  have some of uncontrollable lust when it comes to spotting paper.

Then Fairlight joins in the packing fun.  Can I help too, hmmmmm?  Pretty please. See, you missed a spot!

Fine then! If you don’t desire my help, I’ll just gnaw on some cardboard.

So, M, if you are reading this and you see weird bite marks in your package– now you know who the culprit is.   😉

And they’re off!  We didn’t forget about you guys – Catching up with the back ordered over these last two days, I estimate Justin packed over 60 or so ollas



  1. CityGarden says:

    Ok… this cat must be the twin sister or brother of my cat, same colors, same face, same beauty and… same curiosity!

  2. Yanna says:

    You know, in Thailand at the elephant sanctuaries they’ve taught the elephants to hold paint brushes and to paint. These paintings fetch a high price. You could have Fairlight and Blackberry walk in a paint tray and sell some goat paintings…

    Or maybe just charge extra for goat-chewed packaging?!

  3. Caroline says:

    Would you please post pictures of the structure(s) that your grapes grow on? I’m trying to figure out how and where to position some kind of support for a couple of vines.

  4. Cc says:

    The goats love the newspaper because it’s browse. It’s made from trees and you know how they love anything to do with the trees. Newspaper, leaves, branches, bark! All trees, those healthy little goats! They are adorable! When I had goats, when I would go in to milk, I would leave all goats outside so I could milk one in peace. Well I had one who loved to get back at me. She locked me in the milk house three times! LOL The first two times my kids were home to let me out, but the last time I had to break out of the window, and climb out! Ha … That’s when my husband came home with new locks, and put on new locks out of reach. Foiled them again, and I was never locked in after that! Tee Hee. C

  5. CatHerder says:

    Great pics! I have a herd of cats, but alas, no goats. One of my husbands employees, however, just got a new goat and named it after him lol…..i would love to have goats!

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