Andean tubers

Q. I just came across your website and haven’t begun to explore it yet. However, it looks as though you are much further along the same path I am on. I wondered if you can supply – or know where I can get hold of – Andean tubers and other alternative Andean vegetables?

I am a member of Seattle Tilth and have space coming available for some alternatives.

The particular ones I am interested in are:

Mashua – Tropaeolum tuberosum
Oca – Oxalis tuberosa, and
Yacon – Polymnia edulis

Thanks. Lee

A. We purchased the Yacon & Oca from Nichols Garden Nursery.

As for the Mashua, we purchased it a few years back from Abundant Life
Seeds. However, it doesn’t look like they are carrying this tuber any
longer due to a devastating fire that destroyed their seed warehouse.

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