Bees, chicken and silly cat

Guess what, folks, more rain is expected tonight (1-5 inches). The showers are forecasted to last until Wednesday. April showers bring May flowers so what’s there to complain about – hooray!

Sunday was nice and warm so it was time to get loads of laundry washed and hung up on the line, lots of garden work, animal chores and what have you.

Saturday night’s private home screening of the End of Suburbia at a home in neighboring Eagle Rock went well. The host family was very gracious and enthusiastic (thank you for your warm hospitality).   Over 40 people showed up (including the Mayor of La Canada) As always, people were depressed after the movie but afterwards Jules gave our new “Peak Oil” power point presentation that really lifted everyone’s spirit. In the new presentation we highlighted old WWII posters for illustrations, people reacted positively to the message they were trying to get across.

Thanks for those who dontated that night for the purchase of a goat and supplies
If all goes well, next Sunday, we’ll go with a friend of ours and check out a few pygmy goat farms in the area.

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Anais!
    Inspiring post that allows us to be uplifted in the face of gloom!THERE is life post oil!Keep me posted re the gots please!

  2. Jerri-Ann says:

    Try to find Nigerian Dwarf Goats- they are the milking ones. The African Pygmy is the meat version of the minis.
    is the website of a farm in Vacaville.I don’t know anything about them, just found them through a search since I have been researching them for several months & am soon to get mine. You could do a search on too. Just want you to get the best type of goat for your needs.