Keeps us busy here at the urban homestead kitchen.  This low chill variety (Anna) does well here in the heat of Southern California and we have been pleased with its productivity.

Apple butter is one of the ways we preserve the apples.   Also drying a few on the solar food pantrie – and with the hot dry weather we’ve been having the drying should be done in a few days.

Besides crunching on a few raw apples, we love making apple crisp.  It’s easy and we can use the solar oven to cook up a tray a day – yeah that’s how much we love apple crisp.  Drizzle it with a bit of vanilla yogurt.  Yummy!

Now if I wanted to put on a few extra pounds I’d whip up some apple bread but that stuff is dangerous. I litterally could polish off a whole loaf to myself.

Next on the preservation front pickled veggies!

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