For those of you who have been following our injured duckies saga – here’s an update.

She’s been doing well but still has a slightly crunched/crooked neck.  Within the first three weeks we saw a drastic (incredible) improvement giving her ligament/vitamin supplements, massage and water treatments.  But now there’s been sort of a standstill (not that she’s not improving but it’s far less noticeable)– it’s been a little over a month.   Now we know such injuries take time (several months) even to heal so we aren’t expecting overnight miracle – though it would be nice.

Fortunately a friend called whom we haven’t heard in awhile.  She has and takes care of a few dogs.   While on the phone asked how things were going down on the urban homestead and I told her the story about Amy.  She asked if we tried this acupuncture vet in Pasadena and I said someone else (who worked at the facility) inquired for us but she informed us they don’t treat ducks.

Of course, an animal lover like herself wouldn’t take no for an answer so she said she would inquire the next time she went in with her dog for therapy.   Turns out that her (or rather her dog’s) vet would consider seeing and treating Amy! What a blessing that was to hear.

So last Wednesday we brought Amy in for a 1/2 hr acupuncture, cold laser session.   Jordanne said, as she was holding Amy for the vet to perform the treatment, that she noticed Amy relax and muscles start twitching at different times in the session.

The vet (who was very friendly) informed us that birds usually respond quicker to these treatments that say a cat or dog.

Let’s hope so!

Meanwhile Amy (and us) appreciate all the concern and well wishes.  She says “quack”

Here are some photos we took during Amy’s treatment.  The vet was kind enough to explain what she was doing so it was educational for both Jordanne & myself.

In go the little needles – note Amy’s wing feathers or lack thereof (she’s molting and looking a tad bit raggedy)

Cold laser treatment – that must feel good!

Pinned duck

Burning mugwort over the needles as muscle stimulant.

The vet said that Amy was a very good patient too.


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