Amy walks to the drinking bowl after her daily water bath

For those of you who have been following the saga of Amy here’s an update.

If you are just new to the blog read about her story here, here and here

She molted well and is eating like horse and gaining weight – all good signs.  Her balance is considerably better and she’s now able to walk forwards quite well and go wherever she wants – though she does look like a football with legs – no seriously, she does!  She still keeps her neck close to her body but the swelling has gone down to where the neck looks normal.  Amy has become more people like in the sense that she’s very sociable and likes to share her story whenever we’re around!

We continue to give her ligament supplements, arnica and MSM topical applications and massages.  She love her daily water therapy.  I think it’s because it relieves whatever pressure is and she has a blast paddling, stretching and just being a duck.

Still not sure exactly what happened to her neck.  I mean we have a theory so I guess that’s the best we can go on without anyone around these parts who even treats ducks.

As her neck heals backwards (that’s a term we use when something heals – the out trauma areas are the first to heal ) towards the spot of the initial injury we hope to learn more.

First we thought it was a injury to the front of the neck since it was bruised and swollen but now with the healing going on we are not so sure.   Especially since we know ducks roughhouse from the back of the neck it could be something pinched in the back of the neck and not the front like we first thought.   Someone even suggested that she could have had a vertebra injury and our quick work saved her life.

Of course all this is gut guesstimate without an Xray, we go by touching and observing instincts.

This experience has taught us a lot – building yet another layer on previous experiences holistically treating our critters.

Though there were many a day, hour which we doubted ourselves we had to overcome that fear and rely on ourselves because we were the only ones there for Amy.  Too often we are taught solely to rely on others or “experts” to help us; however, this is a journey of self-reliance and that means we have to step up to the plate and do things ourselves because one day there might not be the “yellow pages.”

Yeah, it’s scary and yeah sometimes we haven’t a clue.  What if we guess wrong, what if we treat this wrong can leave you second guessing yourself into madness.  But since our society has spoon fed leaving us quite stupid and not able to tackle the very basics of life we have, in turn, forgotten what lies inside of us – stripping us of our four senses that generations before us relied upon for survival.

Stepping off the soapbox, that’s the state of Amy report.


  1. kerrie says:

    i like the soapbox! there is a mountain of truth in that last paragraph of yours. so glad your girl is mending. she looks pretty content.

  2. katecontinued says:

    Thank you for those last paragraphs. And, even those of us without the critters are learning from Amy’s plight. This is so very fascinating and I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating the many steps along the way of duck neck healing.

  3. Michelle says:

    I think you’re right on the money with this soapbox…I agree wholeheartedly…we don’t need to run to a pro for every little thing. As far as the yellow pages…it may be sooner than we realize.

  4. Carol says:

    I’m a new reader and can’t wait to dig into old posts. As for this one, I think that through this story about Amy, you have captured the essence of the self reliance “movement” and the natural human fear of venturing into the unknown. Sharing it gives the rest of us more confidence. Thank you.

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