Amy (in the middle)

Amy (middle center) walking better (more centered in her alignment)

It’s been awhile since I wrote about Amy and I know many of you readers who are interested in Amy’s progress from her (lower neck/wing/back – whatever) injury (read about it here).

Why the guessing?  We couldn’t afford to pay for an x-ray to pinpoint exactly what the problem is but we did taker her to get an acupuncture treatment – see photos

We’ve dealt with enough animals, can read their body languages pretty well and have learned that just by feeling (the heat generated from the body) you can assess a lot.    Remember those senses I keep talking about that have been dulled and drowned out.   Due to years of observation and hands on experiences we are building more confidence in ourselves when it comes to treating our own animals.

In fact, Jordanne’s gotten so good that she have given some pretty good advice over the phone or email (not even seeing the animal)  It’s just about understanding how the animal works and what symptoms they are portraying – are they eating, pooping, etc. etc.

Like with any such injury, I noticed the cold weather doesn’t help Amy’s condition.  She’s a little stiffer when I massage her and I get a lot of “crackles” (that’s a sign of inflammation)   Oh, I find she’s liking the massages more than she used to – especially her thighs/legs and along top her back.

She still scrunches her neck but has taking to sleeping on her side with her left leg stretched out (sometimes the leg  will start twitching)   Though she walks better (more centered), with her neck scrunched she still has sometimes a hard time balances especially when she wants to preen or flap her wings.  Sometimes she stumbles backwards when this happens.

Also we notice when she walks, she sometimes stops propped up by her tail feathers and tries to extend her neck out but it’s as if something is taunt and pulling it back to a scrunch position.   Funny thing is that she has perfect movement in her neck/head.  She can move her head side to side, even back to preen ( of course more easily when propped or in the water) and she can even bring her neck entirely forward to drink!

Though she still looks like a football when she walks, she doing well (certainly a tremendous blessing after what she went through – with her head flopping all the way back)  Given the extreme state she was in some people would have just put her down but we, thru grace, managed to stabilize her thru the trauma.

Still to this day don’t exactly know what happened and how she sustained such an injury.  Being that she’s the second biggest duck, and not the runt of the flock which I would understand more if such an injury happened to Beth.   All I know is there was a ruckous of roughhousing (dominance thing) one of the ducks must have gotten too excited which caused this freak accident.

But the good news is…..

Amy’s feisty, healthy and just loves hanging out with her gal friends.  Some days I can see her neck height increase just a wee bit and then somedays she goes back to her football stance but I think all in all she’s progressing (much more so if the weather would just warm up!)

When Dawn( our duck from the first batch of ducks we got back in 2003) hurt a ligament in her leg, it took months of massaging her leg twice a day.   These things take time and patience.

Hopefully, with continued treatments and supplements whatever injury she sustained will eventually heal and one day she will be back to normal – or as normal as possible.  In the meantime all we can do is our part and pray!


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  1. Sandra says:

    I just wanted to say how much it has touched my heart to see how you’ve cared for Amy.

    We lost our dog, Simba, last January to a 4 year fight against cancer — mostly homeopathic. And like you said most people would have probably put him down sooner, but he still had a good quality of life until about a week before the end.

    You are such great role models for a lot of people and this is just one of the ways you’ve shown it. So thank you.


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