It’s Raining

It’s pouring once again! What a blessing the rain is. More rain is expected tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, possibly Sunday and Monday. It’s going to be a rainy couple days, just the kind of weather that get’s us to finishing some web work.

New Journal

Work on categorizing seven years worth of entries is going on as we speak. Bringing us closer to the launching the journal onto a new platform that is much more user friendly. So far I’ve done 2001, 2002 and now have started on 2003. The new template is awesome, we can’t wait to launch!

100 Foot Diet Highlights

Frugal Veggie Mama’s post about “Using What You’ve Got” describes the essence of this homegrown challenge and collection of helpful links

Wildside’s describes what’s she’s uncovering in her winter garden with a recent post Chilly Harvest

Vintage Flapper posts about her 100 ft diet meal. Preparing the meal the sun peaked out just in time for her to be able to cook the dish in a solar oven. Kudos for the low impact cooking method!

Very soon we should have something up (“project #3) for all the ‘100 Foot Diet’ participants.

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  1. Claire says:

    I enjoyed checking out the other 100-ft dieters’ posts. It seems like everyone is having to get a little creative at this time of year. Here’s my post for this week:

  2. Anonymous says:

    you know it would be nice to ‘need more rain’ sometimes.
    you know it would be nice if the rain would stop for five minutes!!

  3. Becca says:

    This rain is driving us stir-crazy too. I can’t wait to get back out into the backyard. We had our first 100-ft diet meal this week:

  4. gary says:

    apparently we are going to get a tax rebate to stimulate the economy. why not urge your readers to use this money to become more self sufficient? ie. buy planters, soil, seeds, etc.? the immediate effect(increased spending)would stimulate the economy while the long term effect would hopefully accomplish some of the goals of PTH.

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