“Sometimes Life interrupts our daily routine, the way year after year we are kept running on autopilot. Sometimes Life rattles us with shockwaves to force us into a different state of awareness. Sometimes Life introduces us to unspeakable death, challenging us to turn a marginalized existence into a meaningful one. Rarely does a defining time happen–maybe only once in a generation.

What now after the “world changing” events of 9/11? That day saw horrific tragedy. Yet, there could be a far, far worse tragedy to come, following on its heels. We should really be afraid of letting this awful loss come to naught. If nothing of any depth happens in the aftermath–beyond the songs and the flags, the tears and the prayers, and the slogans and the moments of silence– then we, indeed, have much to fear.  

To rebuild the buildings of a city pales in scale compared to that of redirecting our lives in selfless dedication. There can be no greater memorial to those who lost their lives than for us to change ours. Charity can be an easy kind of love and get us off the track. In tracing the footsteps of all the firefighters, police, and other heroes, you come face to face with the hard love based on a commitment to place others’ lives ahead of one’s own.  

At this critical time it is imperative that we realize that any other way of life cruelly shortchanges us. Truly, life-giving love is the path–the only path–worth taking.”

– Jules Dervaes October 2001

Is there anyone of us who cannot remember where we were or what we were doing on  9 11  ten years ago?  I was at the computer, putting together content for our website when a news bulletin reported a plan crashing into  one World Trade Tower.

We flipped on the TV to find out more and watched in horror as the second plane hit… and then the two towers crumbled to pieces.

Can anyone watch horrific scenes–the towers falling into a rubble of dust?  Or just this year,  the tsunami scenes from Japan as folks run for their lives or the heartbreaking scenes coming from Africa–ever really forget?  Unfortunately, we do tend to put these tragic images out of our minds as our lives take on acts of living.

Today is a day of remembrance. This is a day we not only remember those who were lost on that fateful day but also remember all those who are suffering  unspeakable hardships worldwide as well.   As we solemnly recall these tragic events, most importantly, today is a day of prayer for protection for all of mankind.



  1. Mitzy says:

    Touching, thank you!

  2. Melina says:

    Thank you for the post, especially the video. She’s a favorite of mine and the song was perfect for today. God Bless.

  3. Ginger says:

    Thank you for reposting those beautiful words. I agree; if we embrace the real meaning of charity for our neighbors, the pure love of Christ, we can place the lives of others before our own. That is the real memorial.

    • Chris V says:

      AMEN !!!!

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