Dirty bunny

Someone’s having fun!   Sierra’s enjoying the warm fall days by digging a tunnel in the animal enclosure. She certainly is taking the digging seriously! Unfortunately, we’ll have to fill in her excavations since it’s pretty deep and we don’t want to have any accidental cave-ins.

The guavas are ripe! We have been looking forward to them for a whole year. The pomegranates, we juiced — delicious and healthful!  The heat has certainly helped ripen more of the fall tomatoes. Justin harvested about 5 lbs just yesterday (decent sized ones too!)  

Today we will enjoy delicious lima bean soup (with homemade herb bread made yesterday in the cob oven). The limas are certainly a wonderful, “meaty” addition to our diet.    The fall garden is turning out to be quite a success thanks the sort of weather we’ve been having.    Temps are expected to cool down, but no chance of frost in the foreseeable future.

The garden is undergoing another drastic transition – out with the old summer crops and in with the new fall ones.   So we are busy with a flurry of fall plantings to fill in the empty gaps in certain parts of the yard.

Now that it’s dark at 5pm, we are using more of the oil lamps. It’s quite a challenge to knit under such conditions since the radius of the light given is quite small.   But, we’ve placed lamps in strategic spots and oureyes are adjusting more — actually I think we are seeing better.

Life on the urban homestead

Yesterday a boy scout troop came by the urban homestead to observe plants and other environmental aspects of the urban homestead. After their brief tour, theysat down to eat a pizza lunch that was cooked in the cob oven.    One of the boys told us that “he didn’t know such a place existed” and went on to enthusiastically exclaimed ” I love this place!”  
Another batch of bread was made it the oven, these turned out great. In addition to cooking the bread and the pizzas the boy scout troop brought, we also cooked a few pizzas for ourselves topped with fresh tomatoes, peppers, squash and herbs from the garden (and some tofu sausage from Trader Joes).   

Before retiring to bed that evening around 10 pm, Justin went to check the oven and it was still warm (around 200 degrees — nearly 9 hours after putting in the last piece of wood!)   A new “business” proposition is rolling around and I am thinking if I get good at baking, cooking in the oven perhaps I can make some extra money by selling such things like bread (or maybe pastries) made in the cob oven. We already have contacts with restaurants and caterers – so there’s definitely an opportunity there.

Next on my list is to try in the oven are pies (especially made with our pumpkins and sweet potatoes), then perhaps cakes and cookies. So far, we have cooked lasagna, soup, potatoes, steamed vegetables, pizzas, bread and warmed up a few other dishes.    The oven now takes about 1 1/2 hours to reach 475 degrees and hovers around that temperature for a good three hours or so ( I have yet to write down the exact temps and hours which I should really do)

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    What an absolutely adorable bunny! And a great photograph.

    And what that boy said – that must have made your day. I hope he gets a chance to come back. I am beginning to feel that I need to visit as well. Are people allowed to visit on the weekends? It probably tells somewhere else on the website.

    Thank you again for being there and showing that Scout that places like yours DO exist!


  2. Nancy Kelly says:


    Boy that pizza looks delicious! Do you make your own cheese?


  3. Wildside says:

    Your breads are beautiful, so I bet they’d sell!

    But what about the Health Department?

  4. Anais says:

    Hi Nancy

    Yes, she’s definitely a sweetie.

    As for tours, we are limiting them due to our being so busy trying to finish a few projects before the New Year.

    In regards to my making cheese: No, unfornately I don’t at this point. One day I would like to. Especially if I had some goats. We used to have a goat on our Florida homestead. So I would definitely like to keep goats once again.


  5. Anais says:


    Thanks for the positive comments. Unfortunately, the HD is always an issue that pops the bubble of such dreams.

    I may get away with selling it just to friends. However, I have heard stories of women who have sold their baked goods that they’ve made in their kitchens. It’s possible but probably not legal.


  6. stella says:

    that pizza looks so good i almost licked my screen! (and i’m not even a fan of pizza).

    kids are so deprived of nature that they thrive for any little bit they can get. we have a subdivision next door to our farm and the local boys are always over playing with the chickens and goats and just enjoying being boys…what’s sad is they have all have yards of their own but never go out to enjoy them…the nicely manicured lawns that the dads spend hours dumping chemicals on and mowing….it’s so crazy. i can’t blame the neighborhood for wanting to come to our weed ridden yards with animals running amuck!

  7. Jenifer says:

    when i found your web site, i thought exactly what that boyscout said–i didn’t know such a place existed! it brought me both joy and hope.

    seeing that beautiful rabbit, covered in mud, also brought me great joy. i have a rabbit myself, October J, who is a house rabbit. he loves to be clean, so he digs for about 3 seconds, takes a bath, then digs again for three seconds, takes a bath. . .it’s hilarious! I love rabbits, and what a wonderful picture!

    thank you for sharing so much with us!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Unfortunately, the HD is always an issue that pops the bubble of such dreams.”

    Sorry, Anais… It’s the same here too. (But still your cob oven bread is gorgeous!)

  9. Thriftwizard says:

    Love Sierra! But yes, please do fill in the hole, says she who fell about 3′ down Smudge’s burrow under the willow tree whilst hanging out the washing one day… it’s amazing how deep they go once they’re out of plain sight! I just suddenly vanished up to my waist,according to my Other Half, swallowed up by the ground beneath my feet.

    And I’m inspired by what the Scout said – wish my garden (currently a grey desert) made people feel like that! Maybe next year…