All systems go
Yesterday afternoon, Ray brought by more clay to finish the oven and a friend along to help. This bunch of clay, gotten from a site in Silverlake (thanks David!), was a nice consistency (easier to work with).   After building up the air chamber and finishing a few more “petals” around the oven (working about 7 hours plus), it was time to fire her up. It was amazing to see the oven heat up to about 250 degrees in a matter of minutes using a small handful of wood.   We were thrilled (and Ray especially) to see it function as anticipated.  As the oven heated, we talked about the cooking possibilities this oven presents — could replace our gas stove eventually!   This cob project is a great learning experience, it’s fascinating what one can do with scrap metal drums, marble, clay, sand and straw.


Harvesting Anna apples, strawberries (second flush) along with tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, onions, peppers, a few bunches of grapes and all kinds of greens. This week we’ve been enjoying dishes made from the fresh produce.  It’s an immensely satisfying feeling to look at one’s plate and know that about 75%-95% came from a few yards away.
Speaking of locally grown, check out this article about one couples attempt  to eat within a 100 mile radius.

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  1. Wildside says:

    Your new oven looks beautiful all fired up!

    And thank you! The link to the article on the 100-mile radius diet was interesting — and they experiencing some of the very things I would have thought!

    That it is quite a challenge to eat entirely locally if one isn’t growing a lot of their own supply…

  2. dermot says:

    It’s great to see it working – congratulations!

  3. JBB says:

    Yeah! That’s many hours of hard work–and a lot of clay, but it will be all worth it, I’m sure.

  4. gerry medland says:

    Keep ’em coming,I wish you great success with your oven,I plan to build my own!(inspired once more )Great and thought provoking link to the 100 mile diet,more inspiration to grow more,the word continues to be spread…..folks can grow at home instead of buying’cardboard’at the stores’thank you again

  5. Anais says:

    Thanks Wildside, Dermot, JBB and Gerry for your comments.

    It was quite exciting to witness the firing up of the oven. However, the oven is far from completed!!! I’d estimate it’s about 2/3 rds done.

    When it’s done, everyone’s invited over for a pizza party (wish Wildside and Gerry were closer — however, you all shall be there in spirit!)